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A place to record the Official Announcements posted about or by Public Council...


Ann. 2757 - [2013-09-04 21:20:56 - Stage 12] Posted By Council
The Public Council Begins
The Public Council is an important group of players that will collaborate with the coders and Hidden Council to direct work and changes in MD. Because of this, they have been given a variety of items needed to perform their roles.

One important point is that they have no Trust Points, The role is an important one and mistakes are permitted but if it is abused then they will be removed.

All abuses will still be dealt with by the Hidden Council but the Public Council will be able to ask the first one to look into matters. Administrative issues such as payment ones should still be sent to the Hidden Council. Some issues may be directed to one or the other councils as needed, but you will be informed and it will be passed over if that occurs.

What they do with these powers is now entirely up to them.


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Ann. 2778 - [2013-09-11 20:23:24 - Stage 12] Posted By Public Council 
Communication and Feedback
One of our main goals as your Public Council is to improve MD through your suggestions. To do this effectively, we need your input as to what our priorities should be, how various suggestions should work, and, once several possible approaches have been drawn up, your preferences regarding them.
- You may message any of us anytime. Use the "Public Council" message label to indicate that we should show each other your message.
- We will hold periodic public meetings. To avoid clutter, at the meeting you may speak only while holding a Talking Stick/Speaking Stone, which you may PM us to request when you wish to speak.
- Maebius has created a clickable at the GoE's Hidden Orb. More details to come...
- Send any one of us a forum PM with "Public Council" as part of the title and the PC member who receives it will add the rest of us to the conversation if you haven't already done so.
- We read discussions; the more people talk about a given topic/issue, the higher it's likely to go on our agenda.
- Polls—we will poll you for opinions once we've settled on several viable options. Not every issue needs a poll.
- We'll periodically post our intended agendas and the synopses of our meetings and private discussions.
While we'll push to implement deserving ideas, balance and feasibility weight all suggestions. If we're slow to assent to a motion or postpone an issue due to lack of consensus, we'll say why we agreed or disagreed so that you can improve the idea.


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Ann. 2794 - [2013-10-02 18:23:55 - Stage 12] Posted By Public Council


Halloween is coming, and with it comes...the Halloween quest competition!


What to do?

- Create a good Halloween quest

- Send us the the quest idea before Oct. 15 via the Hidden Orb clickable at the GoE

- Conduct your quest

- Get your prize!


The theme of the quest must be Halloween-related, and the quest's winners must be decided by Nov. 5. The more creative, creepy, and all-around hair-raising, the better!

Winners will be decided by us and the Questmaker Rewarders group and will be highly influenced by the quest feedback submitted by participants.

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TODAY (31.10. 2013) 23:00 ST at Gazebo of Equilibium!




(Prepare your weapons, train your dogs, bring your horns!*)



* attention - RP. do not take literally

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