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Hey i was wondering which places are open for the moment i've gotten into marind bell but not any place after that im aware that you can get into Loreroot and im working on it hopefully il be mp4 this week. Ah well anyway my question is simple is Necrovion and Golemus Golemicarium open to visit if you manage to find the way in?

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strange thing... before I reseted my character, the entrance to the caverns were oppened to me.. after reseting they were gone! strange! could this be related to some choises in the story?

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No, when you reset, everything but your profile is reset. So you keep items/creatures/stats, but the rest, like npc's and puzzles are reset. So you have to solve your way into the caverns again and if you were able to get into loreroot, then you'll have to gain access to that again as well.

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