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Halloween Cookies!


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Halloween Cookies!!!

I've heard that the Old Woman is again in the hunt at north of Marind Bell capital as some of you already know she is able to cook the special MagicDuel Halloween Cookies!
Go TALK to her and venture yourself to help her and get some cookies to yourself! :D

  1. Players that have finnished this quest last year are not eligible for rewards
  2. No alts allowed

  All that sucessfully help the Old Woman to make the cookies will win:
    1 spellstone (locate,mirror or silvertongue ) from my stock
    1 silver sponsored by TK

  The quest will be up until a few days before halloween.

Please Have Fun!!!

This quest was prepared for last years Halloween and as such this quest is targeted to new players and those that did not had the chance to finnish it.
Also.. i've heard that there may be a sequel to this quest during Halloween celebrations.. :ph34r:


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Halloween Cookies! Winners!


Congratz to madjikman, Vasilemacel, tankfans, Intrigue, Valoryn and Ary Endleg!



Thank you all for playing :)


Rewards will be delivered very soon.

you all invited to try this years sequel :D



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