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Ghost hunt rules and results

Eara Meraia

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INSTRUCTION: Got enchanted into a ghost? What to do?


  1. Find 4 REAL ghosts in 4 different lands.
  2. Ghost will hind OUTSIDE of the buildings
  3. Cast successfully movelock spell on each ghost!
  4. Hurry up to be the first and cast a spell BEFORE the ghost says “Leave me alone!” in the chat.
  5. Include your player name in Spellwords you cast!
  6. PM a ghost with words “Halloween is there”
  7. Get a task from the ghost
  8. Solve the task and send a PM with your answer to the ghost. He will send you one of 4 SPELL WORDS if your answer is correct.
  9. You DON’T need to wait until you solve the task to hunt another ghost! You can proceed your hunt and send the answers later!
  10. Form a correct spell from the spell words you got and send Zyrxae or Syrian the answer via PM. They are waiting at GoE.
  11. Smell the freedom and victory! First 3 who send me the correct answer will be declared winners.
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And official winners of this competition are>



First place> *Clock Master*


Second place> *Nimrodel*


Third place> AmberRune



CONGRATULATIONS to the winners. You will receive your rewards soon.


walkthrough of the quest and submissions you can find HERE.


Thank you for participation.


Happy Halloween!

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