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Defensive Rituals Options


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Hi, I've been playing the alpha6 for about 2 weeks+. It has a very nice game system, especially the puzzles and the art sketches.

Attack rituals are interesting as a player can customize it differently based on perceived strengths / weakness of their target opponents. But when you are attacked, there are not as many options as the defensive rituals kicked in on a last-in first-out basis.

The combat might be more interesting if the defensive rituals can have options to be activated - based on certain attributes of the attacker.

For example, I like to be able to configure:

Defensive Ritual A - Activate when attacker's total vitality is > 6000

Defensive Ritual B - Activate when attacker's total number of attacking creatures is <3

Defensive Ritual C - Activate when attacker's name matches "Spammer"

Default Ritual - Activate when there are no matches (the random ritual that the game currently uses).

These configurable trigger attributes can be opened up one-by-one as reward for players who have completed certain puzzles / stages in the game.

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it would be very nice to have this and i think evrione agruis with me when i say that this will make the game much more intresting becouse it would be more about the tactics you selecect then pure luck.

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hmmm this can have ups and downs to it... in the end you will still have the wrong ritual used is you are trying to protect one... the basic standards are good for keeping rituals. all you have to do is make alot more defence rituals... you will always want losses and wins.

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the tactics involved are much more different than it seems with defensive rituals

as every ritual can be beaten though i have one that no mp4 has beaten yet on to try mp5's with it lol

if you set up a riitual it might be the best one ever but someone will always find a way to beat it

setting up multiple defense rituals is a good idea but if you need losses you have to remember that you have to deal 20% damage to the attacker

this leaves with what attackers i should add and that wont kill a weaker person attacking but will do enough damage to get a loss

it is more difficult the more creatures you have i believe

the best way to solve the spammer attacks which shouldnt happen as often at mp4 and mp5

they have to deal 20% again to get a loss

this keeps one creature rituals out of the picture save for

elementals 4 and above

this is my 2 cents i hope you are informed by it

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