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Creature Totem names - not accurate


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As I was playing with totems today, I noticed that certain names are not accurate regarding them.


An Unholy Pope turned into a 'creature' totem.

Soulweavers turn into tormented soul totem.

Anniversary Aramors turn into plain aramor totems.


The stats of the creature seem to be correct, only mistake is that the names do not seem to change in terms of variety. I have not yet tested other creatures such as tainted angiens, drachorns etc.


I am aware that the feature is not yet complete so any more feedback is appreciated to get this little thingy fixed. 

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As IAB said above, it is based upon their creature family - It's the same grouping as used when limiting a creature type from a ritual.


Souldweaver - Tormented soul Totem


All aramors - Aramor Totem


Unholy Popes, Santas, etc - Creature Totem.


It's the easiest way to categorise the totems, rather than having a different type of totem for each individual creature.


Edit: I just remembered I made a Wikia page on it, if you need to see all the types.


Wikia Page




Forum Link

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