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Fighting NPC baddies

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Ok so I encountered the guards by willows shop and got the crap kicked out of me. I think it would be REALLY nice if players could determine the toughness of a NPC baddie. I mean I basically committed suicide trying to kill those guards. If I could of determined how many HPs they had or how many of them there were, I would not of engaged into battle with them. I would of waited till I had stronger pets. Now all my pets are dead... :D I am not upset, I just want to know the reason behind there not being a system to determine how strong a baddie is. I mean you can figure out how strong other players are, but you can't determine if the NPC baddie you are about to fight is a suicide attempt? Every game I have played there has always been something that indicates how strong a baddie is. For example, you are lvl 2 and the baddie is lvl 15. You obviously would not fight that baddie because you will die. This saves the player from a preventable death. I am not saying put lvls on these baddies but maybe you could allow us to inspect them or something? I don't know, maybe there is a good reason why we can't determine a baddies toughness? Go ahead and tell me why because I can't figure it out at the moment.


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You can always assume the 'baddies' are at least as strong as you. Most times they will be stronger. Choice of ritual will always be important.

One issue is that NPC adjust according to your strength. If you checked the Loreroot Guards today and decided you need to go level up your creatures and increase your stats to win, when you come back they will be even stronger.

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i hope they only get a boost based on vitality cause i need to get out of story mode with evoker morganjade

then ill definately be able to beat those guards

i know just how to now lol hopefully

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