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Soul of Equilibrium

Sephirah Caelum

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A place of shelter, for others to fear,
A place of weakness or power,
Blind stillness unsettles within..

Stare into it and see your depths,
A mirror of sorts, 
No appearance held.. yet..
Keep your gaze
And acknowledge yourself.

For here you cannot hide
Nor disguise nor pretend.
It is here your darkest foes
Have wisdom to lend.



Have you ever heard about Ailith? Well, time to remember her or discover who was she. This time I will give one WP for the poem I like most that homage her. For now, the final day for posting the poem will be 24 Aug., but I will extend the time if I don't find any winner.


More rules on my quest page.


Have fun!

EDIT 01: Send me a PM in game or here on forum. Any MP can participate, and alts are forbidden.

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The date is really August 24, or is this a mistake? That is 8 months from now!


Yep, it is august 24. I'm giving a lot of time for you to inspire yourself, research about Ailith or even learn how to write a poem. And if at the time I do not have a winner, I will extend the date until the end of this year.

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