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Hello, fellow Magicduel Players, I'm Vertu Honagan and I have an inquery into your minds that I would like answered. I'm planning on making a pretty decent/big ingame quest soon and I would like to pique your minds for a little preparation. Last time I made a quest, I made an impossible riddle, my way of thinking is way too different from a normal person, and I would like to see the way you all think. This way I can make challenging puzzles, riddles, and mini-games, without making anything impossible. As I do not feel there is a right or wrong answer to this, I do not feel it can be a quest with rewards. As there are no winners or lossers in this, however if someone feels that it should be a quest and wishes to give rewards for it, then by all means have a public judging on the best answers and turn it into a quest. For now, however, it shall only be used for my own information.


Here is my task to you all:


I want you to take your favorite Magicduel creature, it can be any creature in game, whether you own it or not, and I want you to give me a paragraph on that creature with these things included:


1. Tell me the reason that you chose this creature


2. Tell me what you believe the creatures role is in Md, and it's reason for being.


3. Tell me why you think it has the abilities that it has and what part of your being allows that creature to use said abilities. (As MD creatures are apart of our being, some part of ourself has to have been used to create this creature. Tell me what that part is and how it affects the creatures looks and abilities.)


That is all the info that I should need. Thank you and have fun with this. :)



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  • Root Admin

This is a very risky "quest"

i won't be able to supervise this, due to lack of time. Who will confirm some sensitive aspects of creature research?

I do not agree that this should be a quest with rewards, because as you said, there is no right or wrong, and giving rewards means confirming something is "right" and such a thing is not under your authority to confirm or infirm and is also not the way research is done.


You basically presented the entire thing exactly as i see it, so everything is fine. The results will be very interesting indeed and very helpful in the way you intend them. I am interested in two particular creatures, to know how people see them and why...but i won't tell what crits i am talking about, don't try to guess, you won't.


In such a case where you can't reward someone because of the above reasons, i would suggest a tombola type of rewarding. Every "educated" reply will participate in a random picking ...if you accept such a way of rewarding that will not be directly related to the answers but the participating in this "research", i am willing to sponsor. If you have better method to reward without implying answer to be right or wrong, please post it public and notify me, i am willing to discuss it, and this might create a precedent.

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As there are no right or wrong answers to this, I do like that idea of rewarding people for taking the time to participate in this. I was thinking that maybe instead of just rewarding a random person out of all of the good ones, we give a reward to everyone that makes a really educated response to this. The reward could be a silver coin to every person with an educated response to this "quest" of mine.


See, the whole reason I am wanting to do this, is so that I can get an understanding of the way that people on here think. I'm wanting to make a themed quest much like Fyrd's pickle quest. Something that is big and takes the players throughout the realm undertaking certain puzzles and riddles. I'm wanting to make something pretty big and detailed but I also don't plan on it being completed for quite some time. I'm still thinking up the story for it at the moment, but I am hoping to get the story down soon. Then I will try to implement by the time that the theme runs around. If that is too far out then I will have it finished by that time next year. It will be more holiday themed so I want it to start during the holiday that it represents, but I also want it to be a long lasting quest that won't dissappear just because the holiday goes away.


Also, I would like to thank you Mur for taking the time to give a response to this "quest" of mine. I was under the impression that no one was interested in it and that it was going to go ignored.

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I'm watching this quest with interest as well, Vertu, so its not being ignored :P


Just like how the quest you want to build useing this data is going to take a long time for you to do, people often take a long time to do quests if there is no rush. So its not too surprising that people haven't been posting anything about their research yet - it takes a long time to do!

I've actually recieved a few questions from people about some of the creatures in my collection, both mechanical and philosophical. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the people asking me things are looking to enter this quest.

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