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Maebius Monthly (mini)Madness


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Hello all.  


I figured it's been what,  a year now, since I had my last Monthly Madness.   So I'll start things over again with a very simple little quest.  Bigger and better ones to come next month.



     A small writing quest.  Nothing too fancy.



   The Fish fountain in Marinds Bell.   (the fish-clickable itself)



   Starting now, just before dark of moon, and lasting until the Light returns to it. (approx Feb 12th)



    Tell the fish  'Madness'    to begin.



   All participants will have thir names put in my Hat, and drawn by the sprogling (video proof as last time).  Many different rewards.  Coins, Spellstones, crits, and anything a sponsor may wish to include.





(and thanks to my lovely friend Gort Hedera for adding the code for me there  ;) )


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I wrote something in the text field, but when I clicked the "submit entry" button the page jumped or "scrolled" back in the beginning. There was no "we've received your entry" or any confirmation telling me that my entry was submitted. When I closed the pop up and opened it again, my text was still in the box.


Did you receive my entry? 

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I will have to check on the clickie tomorrow (work/life today will keep me offline) but I've heard one other report of odd browser behavior happening, yet the submission stayed valid and saved.    


Thanks for the report on potential issues though.  

I'll confirm current entries ASAP!

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I wrote something in the text field, but when I clicked the "submit entry" button the page jumped or "scrolled" back in the beginning. There was no "we've received your entry" or any confirmation telling me that my entry was submitted. When I closed the pop up and opened it again, my text was still in the box.


Did you receive my entry? 


Same issue

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  • 2 weeks later...

Quest closed!  (I miscalculated the timing, and it apparently locked a couple days ago rather than yesterday)


I'll be trying to grab my camera and film the results drawing this weekend.  

I will also post all the submissions hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning. (local time, not server).  


Excellent results!  You'll love them.  ...soon!   ;)

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Ok,  here we go.  The submissions.... in no particular order...  results of prizes will be added in a few hours when the sprogling childe is available to pull names from my hat.  :)


[log='The Submissions:']

"From Sage's keep to Mur's Dominion
On the move, wandering around
Underground to Vale of Oblivion
Not hearing the familiar sound
'T is only when entering Loreroot
A land i know tree by tree
I perk my ears and it lifts my mood
Now i can hear my family"

Flames of the soul lost in verses
Out of the blue, out of lies
Unheard truths where is truth is useless
Nest of shadows where fear is mine
Tickling from within with touch of steel
Another defeat, one more remorse
Instead of victory that we need
Nothing but battles are always close...

Frantically i paced to and fro, the grains of sand dropping in slow motion
Ominously the clouds gathered off in the distance
Unknown memories remind me of things yet to come
Nervously wringing hands fail to soothe my frayed senses
Torment now my lone companion taunting me with irony
Awaking with a start i rise to my feet unsteadily
I gaze into the mirror at the gaunt reflection that cannot be me
Nodding wearily i now travel east to find a resolution to this dream


From one unsuccessful newbie this awful incantation notes."

The tingle within

From the beginning to the end,
Onward taught and backwards said,
Under Mur's chaotic reign
Nothing's lost and nothing's gained.
Tell them all to sing this song
As Magicduel grows on strong.
Inside our hearts this realm lives on...
Never forgotten, never gone. "

Marind’s Fountain.
Fatigue from walking,
Outside the carnival.
Under the shade of trees,
Near the old gates.
Top of the marble stairs.
A quick gulp.
Imagining a forgotten girl.
Now it’s time for a nap.

For principles, darkenss is special.

Only sound matters, not sight.

Unnatural this might seem to some.

Nothing, and everything.

Terribly lonely, enclosed.

Abandoned by the light.

Illuminated individuals lose themselves.

Nothing comes back out....

From out of stone the numerals cry
Out out, then to the gates did fly.
Upon the stone a stair began
Now down and down the walk of man
To the place where life begins
Air and water fire, then spins
Into the path of bridges, Run!
Never to see the setting sun."

Fighting off the endless slime,
Our resolve, always divine,
Under pressure, lost in time,
Never lose your spine...

Tricky shades dimming the light,
Angiens fleeing from out plight,
Infiltrators left and right,
Never lose the fight..."

Five warriors walked towards the woods.
One had a parchment that said no good.
Unholy words, a letter written in blood.

Now the forest of Loreroot was near.
Today they'd deliver the message of fear.
All of the forest will be theirs to share

In the capitol they said the words:
Now leave this land or die on our swords!"


Flourishing Entropy on the Loreroot's Hill
Ongoingness of Life Surprisingly Endless Thrill

Utopy had Always Been Here, Inside and Near
Necrovion's Meditative Calmness for it... Dissolves the Fear

Through Crude Golemus Letter Forest
A Competition's Held of Who's Mind is Boldest

Inoculation Through Enlightened Marind's Womb
Narrowed Path Leads on to...
Equally Enlightened Tomb"

New beginnings

From somewhere far away, I came unto this land.
Others met have traveled also, some walking hand in hand.
United by a mystery, yet we walk this realm alone.
Never to return to what we once had called our home.
Telling tales and fighting warriors, proving our simple worth.
Aging naught, but learning much, and embracing this rebirth.
In our smiles and in our sorrows, the realm is here to care.
Never knowing what tomorrow holds, for this land we all do share."

Obviously hot, ready to cook, burn and melt
Under its flames, a secret agenda
Not surprisingly, an agent of entropy
That spreads its flames
And tends everything to disorder
In a bid for chaos
Not caring for the world of order

Fond of riddles and of quests
(Only not today),
Under water willows rests
None other than...Maeb.
Time is passing - as he sleeps,
Angiens patrol Marind.
In his dreams, Maebius meets
Nine (9!) gorgeous young girls ready to obey his every command!!!

ill let the rest of the dream to your imagination, Maeb :-)"

For many years it seems to me that
Our society shrinks away from each other.
Ubietous in nature, communities distant.
Not inclined to travel the realm
Unless quest related.
Assuming this can be reconciled
In realistic time, a breath of
New life for MagicDuel, Community for All"
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