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Iron Rule

Bashaw Steel

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this is not something to "open your eyes" or point to something you like or dont, just to remind you:)

i`m looking forward for some comments, especially from some people:D:)



Iron Rule


Magic of this realm stands largely upon the will of real characters who created a MD personas to be all that in this realm, what he or she want in real world. Most people use MD as some kind of escape mechanism, or hiding place, or just a place to dream unbound. The difference between them in real world, and them as part of this realm is seen by me as “Iron Rule”. That is the gap that prevents people from falling into a trap of exchanging their real life with that they created in MD. Why “Iron Rule”? Because iron is heavy but painfully soft metal which weights down all those who wish to fly here, and as such, is prone to all kinds of damage and destructions, while rules tend to be broken which boosts the already unchained sense of freedom here. Ironically, the more we are free here, the more we are bound in real life. Which makes of us more prisoners than free people. The awareness of this gap can vary from person to person. Some willingly embrace the escape while trying to forget things that awaits for them in real life, making them, in time, hard to draw a line where their real self begins, and MD persona ends. Some other people, however, always keep in mind in which world is meant to dream and which one is meant to live in, these people often possess extreme strength of character or their lives are not something to flee from as much of those in first group.

Iron rule can be measured by complexity of MD persona from which a part of creativity is deducted according to connection between their minds and souls. Some people have deep and complex characters based on amount of time they spent making it, while some others spent little time but poured their creativity into what they want to be, and of course, countless shades in between them. This all makes Iron Rule visible to me, or not visible at all. Some people often get a feeling of being defeated if confronted by “young” individuals who often claim that MD is just a game, a “game” nothing more. This is largely because they know how right those young ones are. It makes them feel almost worthless because all they made and all success they achieve are made and achieved in MD, not real life. Then someone came and tell them “this is only a game”… It makes everything they have worked on good for nothing. Which is not fair, its not nice to remind people of this just because of the fact of being right. If people want to live in dreamworld, and to dream in real one, let them, they need to be gently awoken, not slapped many times where it hurt most. Souls of these people, are aged beyond comprehension, and while they appear smiling and cheering, know that somewhere deep inside, in some corner forgotten by love, crouch a child with thousands of pains as its playing mates. To be torn apart between young years of body and mind on one side, and aged old soul on the other, and still appear as cheerful and happy, is indeed worthy of every respect. As simply as it sounds, MD is indeed a game, but for some people it is also much more.

Although this “rule” is not written or even acknowledged, that does not make it unreal, on the contrary, it makes us even more vulnerable to its grasp, no matter how many times we break it. In the end, it wont be the welcoming feeling of Marind Bell or sense of fear in Necrovion that will greet us, no, only the cold touch of real world that will shatter that strange emotion of belonging we have in MD. Because, in truth, MD is made to add magic to our lives, real lives, not to “make” it for us…

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is why it is hard for me - my real world bleeds into my MD character even when I don't want it to.  I don't obey this rule hard and fast because I can't.  I want to escape entirely but it's never really possible for me.  but I am very glad for MD because it allows me to pretend for just a little while that what goes on around me isn't really there.  

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I just discovered the post. Silly me :P

................................................I spent 20 minutes writing and deleting what I was writing...............................................................

Let me finish this fast lol: I have met here a LOT of interesting folks. Folks I would like to meet everyday irl, but irl I generally meet ******. The few friends I have do not balance the situation, no. I split the folks met here in two: hard brains and light heads (not the best formulation, but no one is perfect).

The hard brains will always see MD as a game. They will be aware of this truth. This does not make their role-play bad, it means that behind something like *lies on the ground, next to the unicorns and aramors and fairies* there is a sense of ”i'm imagining things and we pretend that this is real”.

The light heads will be ”drawn”/”sucked” into the game (mostly by the power of image; MD has a great visual impact) and sometimes create symbols where there are none. It is not about creating a landmark or imprinting your footsteps, it is about adding personal experiences to something and coming up with a symbol. This makes their experience in MD much more powerful, but also confusing. Confusing, since it is harder to understand what he/she means, since the symbol exists only in one's mind. Eventually, the light heads turn into hard brains  :D in time.


And...I forgot what I wanted to say with this. 

yeah, I wanted to say that there should always be the idea in your head that ”this is not real, we pretend this is real and this is where our fun derives from”. I honestly cannot deal with someone who does not agree that this is a game. We play it, it IS a game. Sure, if we go further we might find out this is more than a game and we might inquire about the nature of ”reality”, what is reality and such, what is a/our role and such and we might end up with headaches (I know I have, since I re-visited some concepts I believed in, since playing MD). I'm not sure it is worth it, but we can do it. 


The above does not contradict what you said, ironically. It came like that because I was a light head myself. Playing until dawn? Check. Hundreds of games? Check. Visually enchanted? Check (never played games for the math, only for the visuals). In the end, you just realise these games can be wonderful learning experiences, but if you forget, even for a second, that it's a game you play, you end up badly. The things I said about creating symbols and such...been there, done that. 


Damn, I wanted to write a short post. :rolleyes: 

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i think for many people who this applies to, their chains in real life are within themselves in some way, and places like MD lets you forget their weight, the weight of all the problems, and the stronger that weight, the more immersion you need to forget, and this naturally leads to more character progression, or a character that has so many unseen parralels to your real life. the later is probably with my case, my real life bled very heavily into my character without me noticing, only when i stepped back and actually looked at the character that my subconscious had created before me, did i see the parallels that were there, but the even more interesting part is, did i learn of these parallels or did i artificially create them to bring more importance and meaning to the character? and the same could be said for others too. reality, and the reality bubble you choose to live in are not as mutually exclusive as people would like to think, they influence each other, even if unseen, like a bond ignored, but never forgotten, its almost like a ringing in your ear, you can tune it out, but it will always be there, and remembering it will bring it back into focus. Such is the way of the chains, you can forget about them, ignore their weight, but they will still whisper to you, and something will always pull you back to realise MD is a bubble, and the chains still hold you, maybe forever



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