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Curi Question of the Week


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Note: Please, be honest with your answers, and don't snipe at others. Only you are liable for *your* actions. So let's keep it to that, mmkay?


When considering MD, a lot of people call it a community, to you, what is a community?

(I will answer once my weekend is over.)


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I teach biology so I will give my text book answer which, in my estimation, applies across all genres.

"A collection of all the different populations that live in one area"


which means I should also define population:

" all the individuals of a species that live in one area"


If I superimpose those two definitions to MD, then yes, it's a community.  Necrovians, Golemus Golemaricum, Marind Bell, Loreroot are populations.  we have sub populations with various alliances.  No Man's land is where the game operates as community.


And I've been told I think too literally but sometimes my literal thinking can lead to metaphorical thinking.  At least, in my head it does. 

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