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Spell stones for credits

Sasha Lilias

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I will buy any number of spell stones for credits.


  • There is no spell I search for in particular nor a limit to the amount of same spells.


  • Spell stones must come to a minimum value of $5, so think when you post.


  • You must post the stones you are selling, quantities of each stone.


  • I will send you a private message with my offer.


  • The more interesting the spells, the more I will offer.


  • This has no time frame attached to it. I will be buying for as long as people wish to sell.


  • Consider this an exchanging or conversion service.

Happy offering,


~Sasha Lilias, Ghost of Fortune



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2 otherarmy

1 weaken

8 attacklock

5 locate

1 silvertongue

5 earfocus

3 helpthepoor

2 hearthepoor

4 invisibility

3 movelock

3 tp to pc

2 lighthouse

2 toadspeak

2 accoustic

2 gazebo



I would prefer credit codes, as opposed to actual credits (can do this through council if memory serves)

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