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Regeneration time & free credit value points problems

Allan Saltwater

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The regeneration timer occasionally slips ( by quite a way) ... I recently say a regeneration when the clock should have still had 6 minutes on it ... this can cut both ways as you might have gone and voted for MD or done something else to increase your stats ... got you stats over max and then loose them before you have a chance to use them.

I got vital points but not value points today when I voted ... and as usual I went all the way through to the lists on each page where you get to one (2 pages do not lead to lists) ...


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The timer problem is a common one. The way to get it back on track is to reload your browser window-- probably a good idea when you're going to build up VP through sacrificing creatures or getting the free credits.

I have no idea why you wouldn't get VP for clicking the links, though...

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what happens sometimes is the timer will run out and take the vp away from you due to the fact of a slower internet browser or computer

though i dont know why if you kept your vitality

it might be a bug but it doesnt do that for me i can vote on all and still have 5 mins remaining to sack all creatures and get to the shop to get items

medusa items here i come

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Ive had enough time on the clock but not received any boost in my stats from the free credit today or last night, is starting to bug me (no pun intended). Last thing for me to try is running the game in Internet explorer - that sometimes works better than firefox (weird)

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Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't (the bonuses, that is). I think I always get the extra VE, but not always the VP. I also think I heard someone complaining the opposite too, getting the bonus VP but not VE. Not sure who that was.

Hmm. . . I don't consider my Internet connection very slow.

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