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So I am back with a new Quest for MD birthday. This quest is long. Involves clickies all over MB, LR, GG, Necro, MDA, and No man's land. This quest is also a race however the scoring pattern is slightly different this time. teleport to Necro, MDA, GG, LR, And inside willows shop will be given to those who need it. Keep plenty of tea ready though. you will need it to battle viscosity.


FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO - go to this link and REGISTER with the details asked. If you do not register, you cannot play.


Scoring Rules:

Every person who completes the quest will receive 10 points.

The person who completes it first will receive 4 bonus points, 2nd will receive 3 bonus points, 3rd will receive 2 bonus points and 4th will receive one bonus point.

There will be one free clue available for everyone participating in this quest. But for every extra clue you request, you will be given a score of -1.

One bonus free clue to the following people as they were promised in my previous quest - condition, I'll ask you three questions from the quest storyline. You will receive the clue for free only if answer them correctly:

Dante Lionheart

*Clock Master*

*Eara Meraia*




This quest will last till there are four people who have completed it or till Tuesday - whichever comes earlier.


Current Rewards bundle - 2 wishpoints, 1 drach charm, 1x10g pack, 2x5g packs, 1 creature of choice from *Shemhazaj*'s inventory, 1 creature of choice from *Nimrodel*'s inventory. (More sponsorship like anniversary aramours are accepted :3)


This quest is long. Needs plenty of patience. It will definitely last longer than my previous quest. You will be rewarded according to the choices you make. READ EVERY WORD IN THE QUEST CAREFULLY. The text contains passwords and a lot of info that is required at some point of time.


Get yourself some tea and cake. Good Luck :)


Chat for those who missed it:

Final instructions:



*Peace*: Sorry about that Nim, I was busy the last two days to submit in time.
AmberRune: Well... we got a little hungry...
*Nimrodel*: Ohkay
*Nimrodel*: Let me start the quest
*Peace*: (I'm still hungry)
*Nimrodel*: Rule number one.. Check If you can see the quest at the lower stone here
*Burns*: I forgot the cake at the fort, sorry Amber :(
*Nimrodel*: as in.. text
Lania: I can see it. A small phrase.
*Nimrodel*: ohkay
*Peace*: Same here, said I am signed up.
*Nimrodel*: Okaj.. thats a confirmation that you can see the quest. :)
*Nimrodel*: Next..
*Nimrodel*: Read every godamn thing in the quest.
*Nimrodel*: word to word video to video.. everything
*Eara Meraia*: or copy-paste *chuckles*
*Nimrodel*: Copy and paste it somewhere.
*Peace*: *brings out her journal.* Noted.
Seimich: Ok doing that nim.
darkraptor: (to Lady Peace

*Nimrodel*: Seimich are you registered?
darkraptor: oppss.. i'm sorry
Seimich: it says i dont have access lol
*Nimrodel*: -.-
*Nimrodel*: wait
*Nimrodel*: tell me your ID
*Peace*: (yummy!)
Seimich: 250517
*Nimrodel*: post in the forum:
*Nimrodel*: [Forum link]
*Nimrodel*: Okaj
*Peace*: (emergency alert, back in five)
*Nimrodel*: everytime you ask me something big like a clue regarding the puzzle or task
*Nimrodel*: it'll be considered as a hint.
Seimich: yay done
AmberRune: ok
*Nimrodel*: All participants get 1 free clue.
*Nimrodel*: 1 bonus clue for the members i mentioned.
*Nimrodel*: with the conditions i mentioned
*Nimrodel*: For each extra clue you lose -1
*Nimrodel*: the person who scores the maximum number of points wins.
*Eara Meraia*: no teams this time? >.<
*Nimrodel*: Nope. Not this time. Maybe next.
*Eara Meraia*: ok
*Nimrodel*: Any suspision of foul play will lead to immediate disqualification
*Nimrodel*: i will hear your reasons afterwards. you will be disqualified first.
*Nimrodel*: initial few stages. choose your options carefully.
*Nimrodel*: you might et kicked out. Dont choose options which sound silly.
*Nimrodel*: Like hack slash burn stuff like that.
*Nimrodel*: To start the quest, you must meet one of the members of RICA at the Willows pub
*Nimrodel*: "Enter" through the signpost. THe race starts now. GOod luck :)


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Everyone who has registered in this quest till now, please check whether you can see the info in the lower stone at GOE. If you can, It means you are elligible to undertake the quest.

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