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The Onyx Bible-Results


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Now that the Quest is over, Here is the list of winners and what they recieved:


First place: dst - 1 Drachorn Melodic Charm, Choice of 1 crit from *Shemhazaj*'s inventory, 1 anni aramour, and 1 item - 'Kyuubi Figurine'


Second Place - AmberRune - 1 Wishpoint, Choice of 1 crit from *Nimrodel*'s inventory, 1 anni aramour and 1 item - 'Kyuubi Figurine'


Third Place - *Eara Meraia* -  1 wishpoint, 5g, 1 anni aramour, 1 item - 'Kyuubi Figurine'


Fourth Place - *Clock Master* - 15g


Special Mention: Lania - 2 gold, 1 anni aramour, choice of three spell stones from my inventory.


*Burns* was rewarded with a anniversary aramour for his excellent coding skills.

Special thanks to darkraptor for coding for one of the puzzles and Aelis for testing the quest and helping clear off many bugs.


Videos: created using powtoons.

Pictures- Witch Hunter Robin - Shuko Murase

Music: Naruto Shippuden - Yasuharu Takanashi


Important note (forgot to mention during the quest) - The winners 1-2 in this quest will not be able to participate in the next 2 RICA Quests. Winners 3-4 will not be able to participate in the next 1 RICA quest. 


For those who want to know the story behind the scenes:



After reading your reports, RICA conducted an extensive investigation regarding the conduct of its members. It was discovered that the real Ms. Tsukihime was already murdered and an impostor was put in her place in order to destroy the Onyx Bible. Who murdered Ms. Tsukihime and how is still a mystery. RICA is conducting in depth investigation regarding that. Any news about it, the retrievers shall be informed.


Madam Mystique was arrested for leading the underground drug Market. Regretingly we have to inform that she has absconded. While RICA is on a search, any news regarding her whereabouts will be appreciated. Lippendorf and the blue caterpillar suspect that she is on a run to find out more about the real Ms. Tsukihime's death. Apparently they were really close.


The shards of the Onyx Bible have been put together and it has been reconstructed. It now rests in a safe place.[/spoiler]

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Nimmy i guess u have forgotten to reward me for my extraordinary achievement in this Quest.
Proof : - "You've destroyed both ways to solve the quest. We dislikes pyromanics. You're out."
And i guess i was the first to solve it too.

You didnt solve it. You were kicked out for being a pyromaniac. In simpler words you were disqualified.
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