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Echos of the Void...


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This is merely for tracking purposes and then potentially sharing information.... Only those who have spoken with me to get the quest may post on here.... 

Only 10 people may participate, if there is no there results or continued conversation from a participant they will lose thier spot and one will open up.

So far I have officially:

Lashtal - Phase 1 Complete - Pending
Intrigue - Pending

Rophs - Phase 1
*Syrian* - Phase 1

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Focusing reasons with too many people my attention would be spread too thin, which would defeat its ultimate goal... Which will become clear to those participating once they've reached a certain point in it's progression and it will be up to them to reveal what it is... Only if they want to.

For clarification there is no tangible reward for this.... As of yet..

TL;DR (because Im lazy, and don't have too much time)

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