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Chewett's discussion


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RPCs introduction and reword leading to more quests and WPs becoming more accessible.

Custom items more accessible. Either new crafter role independed of affiliation or council getting this added in job description. Item making process still costing a WP.

More jobs will be available related to development of MD. Possible rewards for writting code on forum or something along those lines (was BFHs question).

Moo spell postponed until after A25 and Mur's comeback.

A25 possible to arrive in a month (not sure if it was a joke). Will feature tool/resource changes or something (forgot)? As well as story mode removal and introduction of quest like thing for newbies which is meant to replace current tutorial.

Combat changes. Combat code cleanup. Possible reword of honor for alliance in case of removal of permanent balance. Ally attack cooldowns equalized to match non ally players in order to make combat more accessible for younger people since ally members make huge majority of MD's population as well as good amount of non ally people being unattackablle due to no creatures or 0 ve creatures. Cooldown change will probably be temporary until population is at satisfying level.


Was there anything else?

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Since your time poor right now Chewett, I'm posting a log for you to save you some. A few long bits of irrelevant conversation have been removed, nothing relevant to the discussion (things like dance spell and combat ritual discussion)


Full log still exists for those interested, although I doubt any of the removed parts will be of interest to anyone.


[spoiler][07/06/14 15:10] *Chewett*:Time to organise some things methinks
[07/06/14 15:15] *Chewett*:Who wants a meeting
[07/06/14 15:23] *Chewett*:18:30 ST
[07/06/14 15:26] *Chewett*:Later all
[07/06/14 18:33] Lania: (public meeting for the win! xD)
[07/06/14 18:34] *Chewett*:Hello all
[07/06/14 18:34] Ilidria:hi chewett!
[07/06/14 18:35] Ary Endleg:I have request :P
[07/06/14 18:36] *Chewett*:Im here for a while, if anyone wants to ask or discuss anything
[07/06/14 18:36] *Chewett*:Like plans for MD now
[07/06/14 18:36] *Chewett*:Now we have a large number of these old fossils backs
[07/06/14 18:36] Aeoshattr:Ooh, ooh, can I have a fossil badge
[07/06/14 18:36] Ary Endleg:yeah... that's good we have them, they can supply us with examples of what doesn't work :D
[07/06/14 18:36] Aeoshattr: (ignore that XD)
[07/06/14 18:37] Ailith:Chewy, if you ever give me a fossil medal I will end you :P
[07/06/14 18:37] *Chewett*:Badges are only given out during festivals, Sorry Aeo
[07/06/14 18:37] Ailith:Dodged it so far
[07/06/14 18:37] Aeoshattr:Give me her badge, I don't mind.
[07/06/14 18:37] :Ailith laughs
[07/06/14 18:37] Aeoshattr:But ok, I won't divert the conversation anymore.
[07/06/14 18:37] Ary Endleg:Okay... since nobody wants to talk serious I'll start :P
[07/06/14 18:38] Ary Endleg:Chew, what do you currently have in mind, what is in plan next?
[07/06/14 18:38] Rophs:How high on the list of things to do is the Moo Spell?
[07/06/14 18:38] *Chewett*:one at a time :)
[07/06/14 18:38] *Chewett*:Ary:
[07/06/14 18:39] Ary Endleg:Also as you probably saw there are a number of bugs that popped up in your absence which I'm sure you have noticed such as bushie and some php errors all over the place such as combat logs
[07/06/14 18:39] *Chewett*:The first plan is to work on a load of smaller things that I can fix quickly
[07/06/14 18:39] *Chewett*:Hopefully things like that can be fixed
[07/06/14 18:40] *Chewett*:Actually those things popped up before I left to deal with RL, they occured as we upgraded the server
[07/06/14 18:40] Ilidria: (the bug with bushies has been been there since they were introduced afaik)
[07/06/14 18:40] Ary Endleg: (btw, just 20h ago I grew bushie on plains to the left, had no issues, hope that helps )
[07/06/14 18:40] *Chewett*:Whats the bushie bug?
[07/06/14 18:40] Ary Endleg:the one at road of battles can't be picked up
[07/06/14 18:41] Ilidria: (they are a resource but seem to split weirdly in the inventory, such as "6 Bushies (2) " )
[07/06/14 18:41] Ary Endleg:oh yeah that's second bug :P
[07/06/14 18:41] Ilidria: (and passing will pass all but split them into 5 and 1, the 1, will remain in the passing players inventory)
[07/06/14 18:41] *Chewett*:Those resources are acting oddly because some of the older Murcode doesnt use the new shiny interface I wrote
[07/06/14 18:41] Ary Endleg:you can have multiple stacks of bushies, it's unknown what causes it but I was referring to not being able to harvest bushie which I posted on forum
[07/06/14 18:42] Ilidria: (all but 1*)
[07/06/14 18:42] *Chewett*:The new interface fixes those issues
[07/06/14 18:42] *Chewett*:I need to find places to fix it and such
[07/06/14 18:42] Ary Endleg:Also I noticed tiny little bit water problem
[07/06/14 18:42] *Chewett*:Whichis?
[07/06/14 18:43] *Chewett*:I assume these bugs are on the forum?
[07/06/14 18:43] *Chewett*:If so, can people go put them on the forum now?
[07/06/14 18:43] Ary Endleg:mda toilet has 1/1 water, zero sky visibilty yet water overflows during rain to 3/1 or 2/1
[07/06/14 18:43] Ary Endleg:bushie one is :P
[07/06/14 18:43] *Chewett*:Go put that on the forum Ary
[07/06/14 18:43] Ary Endleg:okay
[07/06/14 18:44] Aeoshattr: (Oh wow, Mur! Let's see what he has on def....)
[07/06/14 18:44] :Ailith curtsies to Mur
[07/06/14 18:45] Ary Endleg:Done!
[07/06/14 18:45] Aeoshattr: (Holy bonkers. -1mil xp. Nevermind)
[07/06/14 18:45] Ary Endleg:next thing I would like to discuss is... population vs alliances vs combat
[07/06/14 18:46] Ailith:I believe someomne else had a question
[07/06/14 18:46] Ary Endleg:I think that it's highly unfair the benefits of perma balance the alliances have and their exclusion out of honor system during ally fights
[07/06/14 18:46] *Chewett*:Someone else did
[07/06/14 18:47] *Chewett*:Rophs:
[07/06/14 18:47] *Chewett*:Moo spell
[07/06/14 18:48] Muratus del Mur:omg..you saw me :))
[07/06/14 18:48] Ailith: :P
[07/06/14 18:48] Ary Endleg:as well as the high attack cd timer on ally people causing low combat in realm especially since 90% of people are in ally
[07/06/14 18:48] Aeoshattr: (Yep, and lowered my player exp to 0. XD)
[07/06/14 18:48] *Chewett*:Rophs is next
[07/06/14 18:48] Rophs:yes
[07/06/14 18:48] *Chewett*:Wait a minute Ary
[07/06/14 18:48] *Chewett*:When was moo spell promised?
[07/06/14 18:48] *Chewett*:What for?
[07/06/14 18:48] *Chewett*:Hey Mur
[07/06/14 18:48] *Chewett*:Iv taken over MD
[07/06/14 18:49] *Chewett*:All your MD belong to me :P
[07/06/14 18:49] Ailith: *swats Chewy over the head* ( :P)
[07/06/14 18:50] *Chewett*:Rophs?
[07/06/14 18:50] *Chewett*:Ary can go unless you want to reply :P
[07/06/14 18:51] Ary Endleg:I present my case :P
[07/06/14 18:52] *Chewett*:Ok Go Ary
[07/06/14 18:53] *Chewett*:Anyone else want to speak after, say so :)
[07/06/14 18:53] *Chewett*:But dont start askign questions
[07/06/14 18:53] Ary Endleg:do I have to retype it?
[07/06/14 18:53] *Chewett*:Unless you want me to answer "something something alliances" :P
[07/06/14 18:53] Ary Endleg:okay...
[07/06/14 18:54] *Chewett*:Thank you :)
[07/06/14 18:55] Ary Endleg:I consider that permanent balance and inter-ally fights being excluded from honor is a bit of unfair. When you combine that with current low population, which is consisting mostly of mp5s who are
[07/06/14 18:55] Ary Endleg:part of alliances, you get low interest in combat
[07/06/14 18:55] *Syrian*: (ally fights still give you honor, its just different)
[07/06/14 18:55] Ary Endleg:since newer player would have higher cd to fight with them
[07/06/14 18:55] Ary Endleg:Sy there is no downside in ally fight in terms of honor, that's my point
[07/06/14 18:56] *Syrian*: (then make that point, not that they are excluded, they are different things :P)
[07/06/14 18:57] Ary Endleg:anyway combat is just not appealing, and is highly favoring the well established players
[07/06/14 18:57] Ary Endleg:while being highly demanding and discouraging for younger ones
[07/06/14 18:58] *Chewett*:Would you say mp5 combat would be a little easier if the cooldown for alliances was the same for non alliance members?
[07/06/14 18:58] *Chewett*:In that it would allow more fights
[07/06/14 18:58] Ary Endleg:If there is lack of newer players why not make older players more accessible to be fought with?
[07/06/14 18:58] *Chewett*:For the time being
[07/06/14 18:59] Ary Endleg:among other things yes
[07/06/14 18:59] Ary Endleg:but... perma balance is too OP in my opinion as well, but if you remove it ally players would have honor problems if they fight non ally
[07/06/14 19:00] *Chewett*:This all needs further discussion
[07/06/14 19:00] Ary Endleg:in my opinion same attack cooldown and same honor system should be used by both parties
[07/06/14 19:01] Ary Endleg:so.. ally would be treated for honor in same maner as with non ally players but in addition would also gain/loss loyalty as it is
[07/06/14 19:01] *Chewett*:As a further plan for the summer I want to try and simplify the combat code a tad
[07/06/14 19:01] *Chewett*:The combat "core" is mostly fine
[07/06/14 19:01] *Chewett*:But the entrence points are bloody complex
[07/06/14 19:01] *Chewett*:Meaning that its hard to change around and such
[07/06/14 19:01] *Chewett*:And confusing
[07/06/14 19:01] *Chewett*:So, Definately will be looking at changing some things regarding combat, if only code changes
[07/06/14 19:02] *Chewett*:We need further discussion on how combat could change
[07/06/14 19:02] *Chewett*:I would be interested in changing the cooldown for alliance fights soon
[07/06/14 19:02] Ary Endleg:good to hear
[07/06/14 19:03] *Chewett*:This would make some fighting easier
[07/06/14 19:03] *Chewett*:In that those that want to fight should be able to easier
[07/06/14 19:03] Ary Endleg:I have a few more stuff I would like to talk about which consider ingame shops... but don't think it's that important
[07/06/14 19:05] Ary Endleg:next?
[07/06/14 19:05] *Chewett*:Anyone?
[07/06/14 19:05] *Chewett*:Ary
[07/06/14 19:05] Ary Endleg:or you want me to pick yet another topic? :D
[07/06/14 19:05] *Chewett*:I think this needs some discussion regarding specific changes
[07/06/14 19:05] *Chewett*:Unless anyone else wants to ask a question or similar
[07/06/14 19:05] *Syrian*:i do!
[07/06/14 19:06] Rophs:I don't think I was promised to receive the moo spell
[07/06/14 19:06] *Chewett*:Rophs then Sy then Ary
[07/06/14 19:06] *Chewett*:Rophs, when was the moo spell discussed or promised to be implemted?
[07/06/14 19:06] *Chewett*:Is this Murs forum topic thing?
[07/06/14 19:06] *Chewett*:Remind me
[07/06/14 19:06] Rophs:checking
[07/06/14 19:08] Rophs:I don't even remember which subforum it's in, if someboyd has the link please give
[07/06/14 19:08] Rophs: [Forum link]
[07/06/14 19:08] Ary Endleg:not remembering proves the amount of importance :P
[07/06/14 19:09] *Chewett*:Was this ever promised or anything elsE?
[07/06/14 19:09] Rophs: :P
[07/06/14 19:09] Rophs:I don't think so chew
[07/06/14 19:09] Rophs:After AUTUMN2050, OMEGA, and a few others I suppose?
[07/06/14 19:09] Ary Endleg:but it seems Mur was very entusiastic about the idea
[07/06/14 19:10] Rophs:I guess we can wait until Mur is back
[07/06/14 19:10] *Chewett*:Mur can do it
[07/06/14 19:10] *Chewett*:that will be after chapter 3 :P
[07/06/14 19:10] *Chewett*:Syrian, then Ary
[07/06/14 19:10] Ary Endleg:ha!
[07/06/14 19:10] *Chewett*:Go Sy
[07/06/14 19:11] JadenDew: (geh.. i feel asleep x_x)
[07/06/14 19:11] *Syrian*:whats happening with A2050 and the resource stuff? (now that Mur is some what gone)
[07/06/14 19:12] Aeoshattr:I have a question too, when my turn comes.
[07/06/14 19:12] *Chewett*:Syirn, ary, aeo
[07/06/14 19:13] *Chewett*:A2050 was essentially stopped as far as Mur was working on it
[07/06/14 19:13] *Chewett*:He left a general plan and such with me, The summer has been planned since Nov for me to work on A25
[07/06/14 19:13] *Chewett*:So I will be working on it during this summer
[07/06/14 19:14] *Chewett*:I dont know how far I will get, I will be talking with him about it and such.
[07/06/14 19:14] JadenDew: (hello Mur o.o)
[07/06/14 19:14] *Chewett*:We talk pretty regularly so I think we can still discuss any further A25 plans
[07/06/14 19:14] *Syrian*: *nodsnods* okay!
[07/06/14 19:14] *Chewett*:But I couldnt comment until I do actually start work
[07/06/14 19:14] *Chewett*:I will need some help and such with it
[07/06/14 19:15] *Chewett*:And will work on reforming the tools so they are easily adaptable
[07/06/14 19:17] Azkhael: (Greetings)
[07/06/14 19:17] JadenDew: (hello :3)
[07/06/14 19:17] Ary Endleg:me?
[07/06/14 19:18] *Chewett*:The next person
[07/06/14 19:18] *Chewett*:Ary then Aeo
[07/06/14 19:18] Ary Endleg:As it is evident from auction topic, custom items that usually have no function except sitting in inventory are in high demand. I'm playing for 8 months now and this matter is extremely frustrating
[07/06/14 19:19] Ary Endleg:with the few people able to make them, high wp demand and short supply, and other ridiculous requirements make it impossible to make one
[07/06/14 19:19] Ary Endleg:not to mention the inactivity of such people
[07/06/14 19:20] Ary Endleg:wouldn't it be possible to rework different method for custom item acquirement?
[07/06/14 19:20] Ary Endleg:something more accessible, I don't see why it has to be such pain to get something that supplements your role
[07/06/14 19:21] :Menhir nods
[07/06/14 19:21] Ary Endleg:one has easier time editing his avatar or getting new one than getting static item
[07/06/14 19:23] Granos:Do you need the item to do your role?
[07/06/14 19:23] Ary Endleg:Do you need avy to do your role? also no
[07/06/14 19:23] Ary Endleg:but those are the elements that reinforce role
[07/06/14 19:25] Granos:So your saying focus should put on suplementing things that have no practical use other than a superficial one?
[07/06/14 19:26] Ary Endleg:What has practical use to you?
[07/06/14 19:26] Aeoshattr:I agree with Ary. I don't see any reason why non-scriptable items should be difficult to obtain. Wouldn't they be just for aesthetic purposes, like an avatar?
[07/06/14 19:26] Ary Endleg:To me item that reinforces my identity has the highest practical use even thought it has no mechanical use
[07/06/14 19:27] *Chewett*:Wishpoints will be easier to attain soon.
[07/06/14 19:27] *Chewett*:This is part of the RPC plan I am working on
[07/06/14 19:27] *Chewett*:But, How would you have people get custom items?
[07/06/14 19:29] Ary Endleg:It depends on how deep you want to go in making the process look RP real in the first place
[07/06/14 19:31] Ary Endleg:besides I don't think such items should be role judged, character is an ever changing entity, if certain item is desired you can't judge the creation according to his past actions
[07/06/14 19:31] Ary Endleg:moreover you also can't count on material gathering since md resources are limiting
[07/06/14 19:32] Azkhael:Though items, whether merely decorative or given an additional function, may support a role or fulfill a desire, and thus acquire worth proportional to their demand, likewise so does an (cont)
[07/06/14 19:32] Ary Endleg:fenths are universal yes, there was mur's idea that volition would play role in such thing (I think not sure)
[07/06/14 19:32] Azkhael:increased offer lessen their perceived value. Any solution to be considered in that regard must, therefore, also contend with some mechanism of evaluation as to whether an item should be (cont)
[07/06/14 19:32] *Chewett*:Have you considered that people are given role items by g-accounts?
[07/06/14 19:32] Azkhael:awarded in the first place.
[07/06/14 19:32] Azkhael:Hence, I find it rather difficult to forego some sort of evaluation process.
[07/06/14 19:32] Ary Endleg:yes
[07/06/14 19:33] Ary Endleg:I agree with azk ( I think) , we can't polish this thing to perfection not in current state of game
[07/06/14 19:34] Ary Endleg:but you can make something else... the give out of such things doesn't have to be RP real
[07/06/14 19:34] Ary Endleg:People get WP for activity
[07/06/14 19:34] Ary Endleg:what if they would also get Right-to-item according to ad
[07/06/14 19:35] *Chewett*:Soudns good
[07/06/14 19:35] Ary Endleg:lets say 2 custom items a year.
[07/06/14 19:35] *Chewett*:Like say... getting a WP for Ad
[07/06/14 19:35] *Chewett*:and thusly using it
[07/06/14 19:35] Ary Endleg:or that... in case they become more often
[07/06/14 19:35] Ary Endleg:more common*
[07/06/14 19:35] *Chewett*:We wont be making more, not currently
[07/06/14 19:36] Ary Endleg:so player would submit item request via form
[07/06/14 19:36] Ary Endleg:and lets say council would evaluate that all is okay with it (similar how avatar managers evaluate avatars) so if it's not offensive or anything item would be approved
[07/06/14 19:37] Ary Endleg:as for cost of making it...
[07/06/14 19:37] Ary Endleg:your choice
[07/06/14 19:37] Ary Endleg:we can't polish it at time being, but it sure as hell should be more accessible at least
[07/06/14 19:37] *Chewett*:Why should everyone have a custom item?
[07/06/14 19:37] *Chewett*:People have the choice, of using a WP
[07/06/14 19:38] Ary Endleg:yeah true and good point, but I don't have anything against wp use for payment
[07/06/14 19:38] Azkhael:The present current award system is verily personal; in that context, the guaranteed WP come as a way of universalizing access to those WP. Custom items, alas, should not partake in such (cont)
[07/06/14 19:38] Azkhael:universality, at least as I see it.
[07/06/14 19:39] Azkhael:To have such a thing as a guaranteed custom item effectively downgrades their inherent worth.
[07/06/14 19:39] Azkhael:As they are little more than collectibles in one such a scenario.
[07/06/14 19:41] Ary Endleg:just give us a method that is somewhat accessible and reasonable to acquire such things
[07/06/14 19:41] *Syrian*: (no need to make them more common, just make the choice more accessible if people would like to, the crafters are very inactive)
[07/06/14 19:41] Ary Endleg:current one of catching udgard/yrthilian and fulfilling their demands and cathing them again is IMPOSSIBLE
[07/06/14 19:41] Menhir:I would like to see an easier way of creating structures and items which have a use more easily
[07/06/14 19:42] Ary Endleg:Chew said he will be reworking tools for that, as far as I understood
[07/06/14 19:42] Menhir:build and shape
[07/06/14 19:42] *Chewett*:If there was a new item crafter instead of them, would that be preferable?
[07/06/14 19:42] Menhir:the realm
[07/06/14 19:42] *Chewett*:I wont be reworking those tools
[07/06/14 19:42] *Syrian*: (if the new crafter is active, then i would say yeah, that helps)
[07/06/14 19:43] Menhir:depends on the system it is working
[07/06/14 19:43] Ary Endleg:even new item crafter would work if you ask me
[07/06/14 19:43] *Syrian*: (the system is fine, the inactivity is what hurts)
[07/06/14 19:43] Ary Endleg:or a method for council to oversee and grant such requests
[07/06/14 19:44] *Chewett*:So If I had some new crafter or something similar then that would be ok
[07/06/14 19:44] Ary Endleg:if you chose to opt for new crafter, then it's pretty much must that there is always at least one fully active
[07/06/14 19:44] Menhir:we all know the bull from the tutorial ... what about a building or another structure scriped in the same way, which can be build and destroyed by certain actions? would that be something interesting
[07/06/14 19:44] Menhir:and possible to implement?
[07/06/14 19:45] Ary Endleg:as long as crafter is active, unbiased (like avatar managers) and replaced when he goes inactive I'm fine with it
[07/06/14 19:47] *Chewett*:Ok, so essentially we want another crafter or similar
[07/06/14 19:47] JadenDew:theres a new item crafter o.o?
[07/06/14 19:47] *Chewett*:I will note this down, and get the council to do stuff or another person
[07/06/14 19:47] Menhir:yes Chewett
[07/06/14 19:48] Ary Endleg:we want to be able to make our custom items, method is unimportant!
[07/06/14 19:48] Azkhael:There is no such a thing as an unbiased agent; only one that is sufficiently willing to compromise in most scenarios. That said, accessibility is hardly a negative.
[07/06/14 19:48] Azkhael:Though I cannot comment on the present crafters' activity, if that is, indeed, the case, it sounds sensible that there be a relatively active one.
[07/06/14 19:48] *Syrian*:teddy bear! *giggles*
[07/06/14 19:48] Menhir:as long as it is easy even for new players
[07/06/14 19:48] *Chewett*:So the original complaint of making them easier to attain is merely getting a new crafter
[07/06/14 19:48] JadenDew:plushies~
[07/06/14 19:48] Rophs:Then who is the new crafter?
[07/06/14 19:49] Ary Endleg:Azk, I meant that if loreroot has crafter he can deny request of client just because he is enemy, game staff can't deny requests
[07/06/14 19:49] Ary Endleg:no
[07/06/14 19:49] *Chewett*:Someone
[07/06/14 19:49] *Chewett*:Rophs
[07/06/14 19:49] Azkhael:I'd go with more accessible, though not easier in any fashion other than said increased accessibility itself.
[07/06/14 19:50] Ary Endleg:it's your decision if you want new crafter, I just want to be able to get custom items
[07/06/14 19:50] Rophs:Alrighty, I'll do it :P
[07/06/14 19:51] Ary Endleg:If you want to put new crafter, fine. If you make a submit item request form to council, fine again. Something third, fine again
[07/06/14 19:51] Menhir:a player as crafter would mean another dependency for me
[07/06/14 19:51] *Chewett*:Right
[07/06/14 19:51] Ary Endleg:yes that's the downside and why I would suggest other method
[07/06/14 19:51] *Chewett*:I consider that point resolved
[07/06/14 19:51] Muratus del Mur: (i made an announcement, if any comments, post on forum as usual)
[07/06/14 19:51] Menhir:everyone could be able to build a single sand castle on the beach
[07/06/14 19:51] Ary Endleg:doesn't matter which it is :P
[07/06/14 19:52] Azkhael:Ideally, it should not burden an already burdened party; though those parties already burdened by responsibility may be those most easily relied on.
[07/06/14 19:52] Menhir:I would like to have the abillity to build easy "things" by every player or more complex structures by teamwork
[07/06/14 19:53] *Chewett*:This is something A25 will work on Menhir
[07/06/14 19:53] Menhir:lets say a "building" you cannot build alone, but you can cook a meal alone
[07/06/14 19:53] Menhir:ok thank you
[07/06/14 19:55] Aeoshattr:Next?
[07/06/14 19:55] *Chewett*:Not yet
[07/06/14 19:55] Rophs:Topic for Mur announcement: [Forum link]
[07/06/14 20:26] *Chewett*:Im back dudes
[07/06/14 20:26] JadenDew:yay chewy is back
[07/06/14 20:27] Aeoshattr:Wb Chew
[07/06/14 20:27] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:hello all
[07/06/14 20:27] Azkhael:Hello.
[07/06/14 20:28] Ary Endleg:Chew I have one short question unrelated to meeting. What did you to do get that many old players back?
[07/06/14 20:28] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:hello xcer,ailith,been a while
[07/06/14 20:28] Ary Endleg:I doubt they showed on their own :P
[07/06/14 20:28] xcercses:greetings Deba
[07/06/14 20:28] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:hello azkhael
[07/06/14 20:28] Ary Endleg:Bundle is too big
[07/06/14 20:29] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:hello val,granos
[07/06/14 20:29] Valoryn:Greetings. *nods*
[07/06/14 20:30] Granos:Deba.. *nods*
[07/06/14 20:30] Aeoshattr:Hello, Deba.
[07/06/14 20:30] Ailith:Deba *smiles warmly* Nice to see you again
[07/06/14 20:30] JadenDew:yea did someone did something to bring the vets back :P?
[07/06/14 20:30] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:hello... *smiles* ...nice to see you all again
[07/06/14 20:31] Ary Endleg:I highly think so
[07/06/14 20:31] Ary Endleg:when md population increases by 50% due to comebacks, it didn't happen by itself
[07/06/14 20:32] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:wow what a reunion
[07/06/14 20:32] JadenDew:zULLY IS AWAKE :3
[07/06/14 20:32] JadenDew:oops caps
[07/06/14 20:32] Azull:somawhat...
[07/06/14 20:32] Azull:Hello
[07/06/14 20:33] Ary Endleg: :P
[07/06/14 20:33] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:hello azull
[07/06/14 20:35] xcercses:greetings Azull
[07/06/14 20:35] Azull:Hello xcercses
[07/06/14 20:35] Azull:Long time
[07/06/14 20:46] *Chewett*:Anyone else want to ask questions?
[07/06/14 20:46] Ary Endleg:aeo had question but went away
[07/06/14 20:47] Ary Endleg:unless nobody has anything to ask.... I always have :P
[07/06/14 20:47] *Chewett*:Go Ary
[07/06/14 20:47] dst:I have something to say once Ary is done asking
[07/06/14 20:47] Ary Endleg:Did you have anything to do with influx of comebacks? when md population increases by 50% due to comebacks it doesn't happen on it's own
[07/06/14 20:48] Ary Endleg:especially if it's not xmas
[07/06/14 20:48] *Chewett*:Ary then dst
[07/06/14 20:48] *Chewett*:I did not do anything
[07/06/14 20:48] HOLYPALADIN DEBA:i wonder if my girlfriend came back?
[07/06/14 20:49] dst:YM is a powerful tool
[07/06/14 20:49] Ary Endleg: (I had an actual question but I forgot :P)
[07/06/14 20:49] dst:and vets are tied through YM
[07/06/14 20:49] *Chewett*:Dst
[07/06/14 20:49] *Chewett*:Go
[07/06/14 20:49] dst:that was for Ary
[07/06/14 20:49] dst:yeah, about RPCs
[07/06/14 20:49] dst:I DO NOT want RPCs
[07/06/14 20:49] *Chewett*:Yes?
[07/06/14 20:49] dst:not as they were
[07/06/14 20:50] *Chewett*:Shame
[07/06/14 20:50] *Chewett*:The plan isnt nesscarily to make them as they were before
[07/06/14 20:50] *Chewett*:But a small test group will probably be created
[07/06/14 20:50] dst:calling them RPCs brings memories
[07/06/14 20:50] *Chewett*:For the old vets maybe
[07/06/14 20:51] dst:i don't want to see a list of people with "powers"
[07/06/14 20:51] Aeoshattr:Did we move to another question?
[07/06/14 20:51] dst:I don't want to see people pressured into doing quests
[07/06/14 20:51] Azkhael: (Yes, long since)
[07/06/14 20:51] dst:I don't want RPCs"
[07/06/14 20:51] xcercses:RPC's are coming back? will there be an RPC's list too?
[07/06/14 20:51] *Chewett*:Aeo, you next
[07/06/14 20:51] *Chewett*:Not to start with Xcer
[07/06/14 20:51] Aeoshattr:@ dst, we are sort of pressured into doing quests as we only get what, 3-4 WP in ~3 years if not?
[07/06/14 20:51] BFH Lightning:cool...
[07/06/14 20:52] BFH Lightning:people alive
[07/06/14 20:52] Ary Endleg:Yes, exactly!
[07/06/14 20:53] Aeoshattr:OK so we're doing Xcer first then me?
[07/06/14 20:53] Ary Endleg:xcer has same topic as dst
[07/06/14 20:54] BFH Lightning:hello
[07/06/14 20:54] xcercses:just the one question i stated earlier
[07/06/14 20:54] Azkhael:"Not to start with Xcer" would imply Aeoshattr is next nevertheless.
[07/06/14 20:54] Aeoshattr:Ok then someone slap me when it's my turn
[07/06/14 20:54] JadenDew:hello BigFriendlyHill-giant :3
[07/06/14 20:54] Ary Endleg:chew will
[07/06/14 20:55] xcercses:greetings B
[07/06/14 20:55] *Chewett*:Aeo then X
[07/06/14 20:55] BFH Lightning:haha nice one Jaden
[07/06/14 20:55] *Chewett*:RPC will be different
[07/06/14 20:55] *Chewett*:I really want to implement them
[07/06/14 20:55] *Chewett*:Differently
[07/06/14 20:55] *Chewett*:More to come
[07/06/14 20:55] *Chewett*:But otherwise I cant talk much more dst
[07/06/14 20:56] dst:hope so
[07/06/14 20:57] *Chewett*:I will come to ask you about this dst :)
[07/06/14 20:57] Ary Endleg:oh I remembered... queue me up
[07/06/14 20:57] JadenDew: (^^ I shall call you that from now on Mr Hillgiant :3)
[07/06/14 20:57] BFH Lightning: (who me???????)
[07/06/14 20:58] *Chewett*:Aeo X Ary
[07/06/14 20:58] *Chewett*:Aeo?
[07/06/14 20:58] *Chewett*:Go :)
[07/06/14 20:58] Aeoshattr:Story mode - After MP5, there's no way of correcting mistakes in previous levels. (such as not having access to certain regions of MB.) Ways to correct this? Or is it something that happens to all MP5
[07/06/14 20:58] JadenDew: (yush you :P)
[07/06/14 20:58] Aeoshattr:Talking about access to zone after Wind's Crossing, for instance. Or bottom right arrow at willow's shop
[07/06/14 20:59] Ary Endleg:yeah it apparently became accessible to everyone out of sudden, I mailed Chew with it 7 months ago :P
[07/06/14 21:00] *Chewett*:Do you consider a mistake to choose honestly what path you want?
[07/06/14 21:00] Aeoshattr:If that particular story page made it obvious you'd lose access to game zones, yes.
[07/06/14 21:01] Aeoshattr:But as far as I remember it doesn't. You play it as a story and have no way of telling if you'll have areas blocked or not
[07/06/14 21:01] Ary Endleg:it's a good thing it was done this way since chapters are unfinished and story branches highly unbalance due to it
[07/06/14 21:01] BFH Lightning: (evil)
[07/06/14 21:01] Ary Endleg:not true aeo! you already saw it in mp3 and mp4 you could tell, besides you socialize with other players
[07/06/14 21:01] BFH Lightning:(but idk so :P
[07/06/14 21:02] JadenDew:some people prefer somethings more.. mm "rewards" than a story branch that goes with their temperment i think?
[07/06/14 21:02] Aeoshattr:You don't see all the branches
[07/06/14 21:02] Aeoshattr:And since mp5 is "final" it would force you to take a particular branch - thus not an "honest" choice
[07/06/14 21:02] Ary Endleg:but it was wide knowledge that only that one brach should be chosen
[07/06/14 21:03] Aeoshattr:Not really, I only found out about that at mp5.
[07/06/14 21:03] Ary Endleg:I remember when I was mp4 I got told that I should pick that branch just because other ones don't give anything in mp5
[07/06/14 21:03] *Chewett*:You consider a story branch is merely a way of getting access to a scene
[07/06/14 21:03] *Chewett*:That isnt how you should see story mode
[07/06/14 21:03] Ary Endleg:which means it's a common knowledge and just a way to an end of getting more access. It shouldn't be that way and it's good it got changed
[07/06/14 21:04] Aeoshattr:Well... it's not like it affects anything else, does it? In the current state of the game at least, I mean
[07/06/14 21:04] *Chewett*:Story mode is going to be removed to start with, as part of A25
[07/06/14 21:04] *Chewett*:The access will be entirely uniform for everyone, Then other ways of accessing said locations will be coded
[07/06/14 21:04] dst:more wishes for WP shop to access scenes = correcting story (if this is the issue)
[07/06/14 21:04] Aeoshattr:If it's removed, then will all those zones be open to other people?
[07/06/14 21:04] *Chewett*:A25 will replace the original story mode
[07/06/14 21:04] BFH Lightning:A25?
[07/06/14 21:04] *Chewett*:Let me finish peoples
[07/06/14 21:04] Aeoshattr:Yeah, dst, that would be ok, actually.
[07/06/14 21:04] *Chewett*:AUTUMN2050 = A25
[07/06/14 21:05] *Chewett*: *Chewett* : The access will be entirely uniform for everyone, Then other ways of accessing said locations will be coded
[07/06/14 21:05] BFH Lightning:ty :)
[07/06/14 21:05] *Chewett*:Quicker to type lol
[07/06/14 21:06] Aeoshattr:Hm. Well, I suppose that settles it, then? Wait for A25?
[07/06/14 21:07] *Chewett*:This is what is planned indeed
[07/06/14 21:07] *Chewett*:Then we will rework story mode
[07/06/14 21:07] *Chewett*:It will be available to run later, rather than doing story mode immediately
[07/06/14 21:07] *Chewett*:So you have the A25 when you start the game, and then story mode later if you want
[07/06/14 21:08] Aeoshattr:Will old players get to experience it too, or will it only be implementable for new players?
[07/06/14 21:08] BFH Lightning:Evil question: A25 is huge. Any idea when its core concepts will be implemented?
[07/06/14 21:09] Ary Endleg:I can answer that, SOON :P
[07/06/14 21:09] JadenDew:i hope not ><
[07/06/14 21:10] *Chewett*:I am planned to work on A25 this summer
[07/06/14 21:10] *Chewett*:We shall see what I want to do
[07/06/14 21:10] dst:i will prolly learn how to code by the time A25 is started :P
[07/06/14 21:10] BFH Lightning:great
[07/06/14 21:10] *Chewett*:It starts in a month dst
[07/06/14 21:10] *Chewett*:So hurry up
[07/06/14 21:10] BFH Lightning:dst that's mean!
[07/06/14 21:10] BFH Lightning:haha
[07/06/14 21:10] BFH Lightning:php is easy to learn
[07/06/14 21:11] dst:not mean...REALISTIC :P
[07/06/14 21:11] BFH Lightning: (if you have plenty time you can learn it fast)
[07/06/14 21:11] *Chewett*:A25 will be designed as a quest, You will probably be able to do it if you want
[07/06/14 21:11] *Chewett*:Will be pretty boring for you though
[07/06/14 21:11] dst:well..apparently i am working with xml files at work now
[07/06/14 21:11] dst:so I think I'll HAVE to learn some stuff
[07/06/14 21:12] BFH Lightning: (if you live like me, 15 hours research daily then you will learn slowly :/)
[07/06/14 21:12] Ary Endleg:who's next?
[07/06/14 21:12] Assira the Black:I am still learning the basics of php. I am just waiting on a new computer since this one is extremely slow...
[07/06/14 21:12] BFH Lightning:me me!
[07/06/14 21:13] Ary Endleg:there's a que bfh :P
[07/06/14 21:13] *Chewett*:Wasnt it Aeo then X then ary?
[07/06/14 21:13] *Chewett*:X?
[07/06/14 21:13] Ary Endleg:yep
[07/06/14 21:13] xcercses:yep
[07/06/14 21:13] BFH Lightning:yes add me to it!
[07/06/14 21:13] TheRichMerchant: (hello)
[07/06/14 21:13] JadenDew:X then ary then BFH now :o?
[07/06/14 21:13] *Chewett*:yes
[07/06/14 21:13] *Chewett*:go X
[07/06/14 21:14] xcercses:sorry for changing the topic back to RPC but will there be an RPC list?
[07/06/14 21:14] dst:hope not
[07/06/14 21:15] *Chewett*:No there will not be a list
[07/06/14 21:15] *Chewett*:I didnt like th eold list
[07/06/14 21:15] dst:anyone on a list (be it good or bad) becomes a target
[07/06/14 21:16] xcercses:so you try to redo the whole RPC-thing completely? and when will you implement it?
[07/06/14 21:16] dst:targets make people having them unconfortable
[07/06/14 21:16] dst:see Public Council
[07/06/14 21:16] *Chewett*:While I am implementing A25 and another other things
[07/06/14 21:16] dst:vs Hidden Council
[07/06/14 21:16] *Chewett*:I need to talk to people
[07/06/14 21:16] *Chewett*:PC didnt work sadly
[07/06/14 21:16] *Chewett*:Anything else X?
[07/06/14 21:17] xcercses:nope not really, the A25 thing caught my attention now
[07/06/14 21:17] BFH Lightning: (plus you can blame hidden stuff for all!! :D which is better than poointing to people directly!)
[07/06/14 21:18] xcercses:but no questions for now
[07/06/14 21:18] *Syrian*: (yay :P)
[07/06/14 21:18] *Chewett*:ary then dst
[07/06/14 21:18] *Chewett*:no ary then bfh
[07/06/14 21:18] *Chewett*:ary?
[07/06/14 21:18] BFH Lightning: (dst is my woman alt!)
[07/06/14 21:19] Ary Endleg:My turn. How can we mortals help with development and I mean directly, any way of making interested players more involved directly with MD dev and doing something tangible
[07/06/14 21:19] BFH Lightning: (wait i'm his manly alt!)
[07/06/14 21:19] BFH Lightning: (whatever!)
[07/06/14 21:19] Ary Endleg: (yeah bfh was after me :P)
[07/06/14 21:19] JadenDew: ( :P)
[07/06/14 21:19] *Chewett*:I am working on some things to let people who can code PHP, help out
[07/06/14 21:19] BFH Lightning:ary tool my question
[07/06/14 21:19] *Chewett*:And will be asking some people
[07/06/14 21:19] BFH Lightning:and chew just answered it!
[07/06/14 21:20] BFH Lightning:took*
[07/06/14 21:20] Ary Endleg:What about people who don't really code, what about people who work with information analysis for example
[07/06/14 21:20] Ary Endleg:organizational stuff
[07/06/14 21:20] Ary Endleg:information flow
[07/06/14 21:20] dst:like me?
[07/06/14 21:20] Ary Endleg:system design and balance
[07/06/14 21:20] *Chewett*:There will be a number of jobs
[07/06/14 21:21] *Chewett*:They will be announced and posted
[07/06/14 21:21] *Chewett*:Keep your eyes out
[07/06/14 21:21] Ary Endleg:okay
[07/06/14 21:21] Ary Endleg:dst, you are chief hall monitor :D
[07/06/14 21:22] Ary Endleg:prosecutor chair ain't confy? looking for a job change? :P
[07/06/14 21:22] Ary Endleg:yeah... that's all from me, next
[07/06/14 21:23] BFH Lightning:me?
[07/06/14 21:23] *Chewett*:Go
[07/06/14 21:24] BFH Lightning:My question was almost the same as ary's one. But what if small code works are posted in forums as job openings with a small rewards to them.
[07/06/14 21:24] BFH Lightning:a small piece of sample code can be provided
[07/06/14 21:25] BFH Lightning:and this can help you concentrate on the core functionality of md and leave the easy stuff to people that can help
[07/06/14 21:25] dst:I know a person that is VERY good at coding but he lacks motivation
[07/06/14 21:25] dst:currently lacks it
[07/06/14 21:25] BFH Lightning:rewards are always good motivation! :P
[07/06/14 21:26] *Chewett*:Yeah... no one isnt likely to be used dst
[07/06/14 21:26] *Chewett*:Murry would go crazy
[07/06/14 21:26] dst:you can check his code for hidden....features
[07/06/14 21:26] Ary Endleg:Mur isn't here.... oh well he is... but...
[07/06/14 21:26] :JadenDew giggles
[07/06/14 21:28] dst:and what Ary said :D
[07/06/14 21:29] dst:on the other hand...maybe it's not such a good idea for me...
[07/06/14 21:29] BFH Lightning:concept can be tricky to implement, but once done it would save a lot of code time :P
[07/06/14 21:30] Ary Endleg:Are we done? I have a forest to dehydrate....
[07/06/14 21:30] Aeoshattr:I was so tempted to come with an inappropriate reply to that.
[07/06/14 21:33] *Chewett*:Oh I wasnt reading
[07/06/14 21:33] *Chewett*:What was said again?
[07/06/14 21:33] BFH Lightning:pull the log :P
[07/06/14 21:34] Ary Endleg:I asked if the meeting was over
[07/06/14 21:34] *Chewett*:Can anyone see my triggers?
[07/06/14 21:34] Ary Endleg:not me
[07/06/14 21:34] Aeoshattr:Nope
[07/06/14 21:34] dst: :D no :D
[07/06/14 21:34] Assira the Black:I only see a burst.
[07/06/14 21:34] BFH Lightning:you evil dirty chew! you made your triggers invisible!
[07/06/14 21:34] dst:I miss Valdore...
[07/06/14 21:34] *Chewett*:Good good
[07/06/14 21:34] *Chewett*:Yeah well, sue me
[07/06/14 21:34] Ary Endleg:intoxicate :P
[07/06/14 21:34] *Chewett*:Any other questions
[07/06/14 21:35] dst:yeah, sue Chew so I can use my new role :D
[07/06/14 21:35] Aeoshattr:Can we have cake?
[07/06/14 21:35] BFH Lightning:i made a comment question
[07/06/14 21:35] Ary Endleg:maybe...
[07/06/14 21:35] dst:LHOs
[07/06/14 21:35] Ary Endleg:Can I get free stuff :D
[07/06/14 21:35] BFH Lightning:i like that dst!
[07/06/14 21:35] dst:LHOs?
[07/06/14 21:35] BFH Lightning:and ailith is here! we can have a case!
[07/06/14 21:35] dst:or sueing and my new role? :D
[07/06/14 21:36] :Ailith judges BFH
[07/06/14 21:36] Ary Endleg:yeah good question
[07/06/14 21:36] BFH Lightning:ohh and void master as well!
[07/06/14 21:36] Ary Endleg:MODS AND LHOS!
[07/06/14 21:36] :dst find BFH guilty
[07/06/14 21:36] dst:findS even :D
[07/06/14 21:36] :Ailith agrees with dst
[07/06/14 21:36] BFH Lightning:JAIL HIM!!
[07/06/14 21:36] Aeoshattr:Much question. Such verbs. Wow.
[07/06/14 21:36] Ary Endleg:mods seem to be mia and haven't seen grido since he became king
[07/06/14 21:37] Ary Endleg:global mods on forum
[07/06/14 21:38] Vicious Chaossword: *wakes up* what's going on?
[07/06/14 21:38] dst:some of them at least
[07/06/14 21:38] Granos:Nonsense aside... LHO's *wiping off bits of cow*
[07/06/14 21:38] Ary Endleg:burns jumps in here and there, others are completly bye bye
[07/06/14 21:38] *Burns*:Oi, we're plenty active
[07/06/14 21:38] Granos:Not all of you
[07/06/14 21:38] *Burns*:You're just being a nice bunch, not much moderation needed :P
[07/06/14 21:38] BFH Lightning:LHOs are in extintion?
[07/06/14 21:38] *Syrian*:im active!
[07/06/14 21:38] dst:yes, they do reply to my reports
[07/06/14 21:38] dst:I said: SOME OF THEM
[07/06/14 21:38] Ary Endleg:lhos are fine
[07/06/14 21:38] JadenDew:nomz
[07/06/14 21:38] dst:some do a great job but some are there just for the perks
[07/06/14 21:38] BFH Lightning:ohhh you scared me :P
[07/06/14 21:38] Ary Endleg:grido is missing, and I wouldn't mind wings :P
[07/06/14 21:39] Vicious Chaossword:>.>
[07/06/14 21:39] *Chewett*:Did anyone have any more questions?
[07/06/14 21:39] *Burns*:as for lhos, you might as well disband us for lack of new players to help -.-
[07/06/14 21:39] Ary Endleg:yes!
[07/06/14 21:39] Ary Endleg:indeed burns :P
[07/06/14 21:39] Vicious Chaossword:I have a question.
[07/06/14 21:39] Aeoshattr:@ Burns, old noobs like me might still need LHOs
[07/06/14 21:39] Ary Endleg:but mods seem to be slacking :P
[07/06/14 21:39] *Chewett*:Go vici :)
[07/06/14 21:40] Vicious Chaossword:What's going on?
[07/06/14 21:40] Aeoshattr:lol
[07/06/14 21:40] Ary Endleg:lol
[07/06/14 21:40] Granos:Why not change what the LHO's are currently to better suit the current situation?
[07/06/14 21:40] Aeoshattr:Well... technically it's a question
[07/06/14 21:40] BFH Lightning:read annnouncements!
[07/06/14 21:40] Vicious Chaossword:iPad says noh
[07/06/14 21:40] Aeoshattr:@Granos. Yep. I don't think they should be disbanded, maybe just... re-trained for a new purpose?
[07/06/14 21:40] Ary Endleg:this was epic moment :)
[07/06/14 21:41] BFH Lightning:your ipad plays flash?
[07/06/14 21:41] BFH Lightning:i mean it has flash player?
[07/06/14 21:41] Vicious Chaossword:No
[07/06/14 21:41] BFH Lightning: (apart from fp 11 i know no other way)
[07/06/14 21:42] BFH Lightning:then md mobile?
[07/06/14 21:42] Vicious Chaossword:Is that a thing?
[07/06/14 21:42] Ary Endleg:so no more questions
[07/06/14 21:42] Ary Endleg:class dismissed :P
[07/06/14 21:42] BFH Lightning:chew i have a question!!!
[07/06/14 21:42] BFH Lightning:when can we move from flash to full html5? 2100?
[07/06/14 21:43] *Chewett*:Rophs
[07/06/14 21:43] *Chewett*:Pay me to do it, within this year if you can pay a fulltime job
[07/06/14 21:43] Vicious Chaossword:^^^
[07/06/14 21:43] Ary Endleg:not even creat page is finished :P
[07/06/14 21:43] *Chewett*:ROphs?
[07/06/14 21:43] *Chewett*:You dun bad
[07/06/14 21:43] *Chewett*:Me ban you
[07/06/14 21:43] Ary Endleg:Rophs went away an hour ago....
[07/06/14 21:43] Vicious Chaossword:Yaai
[07/06/14 21:44] Vicious Chaossword:We dus execootion?
[07/06/14 21:45] BFH Lightning:tempting :P
[07/06/14 21:45] Vicious Chaossword:And silence fell upon the land..
[07/06/14 21:45] Aeoshattr:o.o
[07/06/14 21:45] :Aeoshattr sprays crickets with insecticide
[07/06/14 21:45] BFH Lightning: (i shall be going in five mins, have a proposal to write...)
[07/06/14 21:45] :Vicious Chaossword pokeez eyes out
[07/06/14 21:45] *Chewett*:Later BFH
[07/06/14 21:46] Azkhael:Hmm.
[07/06/14 21:46] dst:FOOD time!!!
[07/06/14 21:46] dst:later
[07/06/14 21:46] Azkhael:Farewell, dst and BFH.
[07/06/14 21:48] BFH Lightning:ok closing now, cya
[07/06/14 21:48] Vicious Chaossword:Oh wow
[07/06/14 21:49] :[Spell] B BHA Vicious Chaossword
[07/06/14 21:49] Ary Endleg:oh... but I'm just tending the forest
[07/06/14 21:49] :Assira the Black raises an eyebrow
[07/06/14 21:49] BFH Lightning:there you go
[07/06/14 21:49] Ary Endleg:preventing disasterous overgrowth
[07/06/14 21:49] BFH Lightning:fix yourself
[07/06/14 21:49] :xcercses passed Absinthe bottle to Vicious Chaossword
[07/06/14 21:49] Vicious Chaossword:Ahm comin ohm
[07/06/14 21:49] Aeoshattr: (kidding, Ary.)
[07/06/14 21:49] *Chewett*:Ary, I rpelied to the judges topic, I dont agree with you
[07/06/14 21:49] Ary Endleg: :P
[07/06/14 21:50] Vicious Chaossword:What spell was that?
[07/06/14 21:50] dst:read the triggers vicious
[07/06/14 21:50] dst:yeah...forgot i have wifi :D
[07/06/14 21:50] Vicious Chaossword:Nothing with my id in there
[07/06/14 21:50] Ary Endleg:how chew?
[07/06/14 21:50] Ary Endleg:they did write it publicly
[07/06/14 21:51] *Chewett*:Where?
[07/06/14 21:51] Ary Endleg:this info wasn't spread from IM conversations
[07/06/14 21:51] Aeoshattr:Probably in the chat at some point.
[07/06/14 21:51] Ary Endleg:they spoke about it directly in md
[07/06/14 21:51] Vicious Chaossword:Look chew Chew I has portugal flag :D
[07/06/14 21:51] *Chewett*:MD is a closed system
[07/06/14 21:51] Ary Endleg:and indirectly in forum
[07/06/14 21:51] *Chewett*:Posting something on the forum is not.
[07/06/14 21:51] *Chewett*:Nothing further to discuss there
[07/06/14 21:52] Ary Endleg:okay
[07/06/14 21:52] *Chewett*:Until they post a topic going "oh this is X" then its still their own information to tell people as they wish
[07/06/14 21:52] dst:Europe is doomed :(
[07/06/14 21:52] Aeoshattr:Go back to your cow brain, dst.
[07/06/14 21:52] Vicious Chaossword:Eww
[07/06/14 21:52] Ary Endleg:I agree such stuff shouldn't be posted but... tell me something
[07/06/14 21:52] *Chewett*:Just because you say they posted it in chat, or similar, doesnt mean you can tell anyone.
[07/06/14 21:52] dst:I am eating
[07/06/14 21:52] dst:almost finished
[07/06/14 21:52] *Chewett*:Chat is a small number of people normally
[07/06/14 21:52] *Chewett*:Iv said a lot in chat, doesnt mean I want to tell you guys it
[07/06/14 21:52] Ary Endleg:how do you discuss important thing if that thing is key to discussion?
[07/06/14 21:53] *Chewett*:They agree you can post about it
[07/06/14 21:53] *Chewett*:You talk to them and get their approval
[07/06/14 21:53] *Chewett*:If not, then you raise the issue privately
[07/06/14 21:53] Ary Endleg:so if they don't agree the issue won't be brought up ?
[07/06/14 21:53] Ary Endleg:oh ...
[07/06/14 21:53] *Chewett*:As above
[07/06/14 21:53] Vicious Chaossword:...
[07/06/14 21:54] Ary Endleg:let me dig a bit :P
[07/06/14 21:54] Vicious Chaossword:What If people are being burned alive?
[07/06/14 21:54] Granos:Then you point and laugh..
[07/06/14 21:54] :Assira the Black raises an eyebrow
[07/06/14 21:54] Vicious Chaossword:Why is europe doomed, wise mighty Dst face?
[07/06/14 21:54] xcercses:....or dance around them
[07/06/14 21:55] Vicious Chaossword:What if someone licks you in the eye IRL then does it... Here
[07/06/14 21:56] Vicious Chaossword:Surely you can talk about it then..
[07/06/14 21:56] Azkhael: (Brb)
[07/06/14 21:58] Ary Endleg:CHEW!
[07/06/14 21:58] Ary Endleg: [Forum link]
[07/06/14 21:59] Ary Endleg:in addition to phalic items topic....
[07/06/14 21:59] Ary Endleg:those two together draw pretty clear picture :P
[07/06/14 21:59] Vicious Chaossword:What?
[07/06/14 21:59] Ary Endleg:so yeah... in my mind in this case Rophs didn't do anything bad
[07/06/14 22:00] dst:continental Europe is doomed cause you step foot in it
[07/06/14 22:00] :Aeoshattr throws a piece of crumpled paper at Assira
[07/06/14 22:01] :Assira the Black catches the paper and straightens it out
[07/06/14 22:01] :Assira the Black nods to Aeo
[07/06/14 22:02] :Aeoshattr walks down towards the Howling Gates
[07/06/14 22:03] TheRichMerchant:chewett, are you still here?
[07/06/14 22:08] *Chewett*:Just going out now sorry :P
[07/06/14 22:08] TheRichMerchant:ah,ok
[07/06/14 22:08] *Chewett*:Will be back in a couple hours
[07/06/14 22:08] *Chewett*:Or PM me
[07/06/14 22:08] TheRichMerchant:ill send you a message. read it if you find some time
[07/06/14 22:08] TheRichMerchant:k
[07/06/14 22:09] Vicious Chaossword:Wow Dst :,(
[07/06/14 22:10] Vicious Chaossword:Got kicked off wifi for giving a false email adress
[07/06/14 22:10] Vicious Chaossword:so I gave em another!!!
[07/06/14 22:10] Azkhael:Farewell, everyone.
[07/06/14 22:11] Granos:Farewell Azkhael...
[07/06/14 22:11] Vicious Chaossword:Bye!
[07/06/14 22:11] dst:and why wow dst?
[07/06/14 22:12] Vicious Chaossword:I am so sad.. You hurt mah feelings *snifflez*
[07/06/14 22:13] :Granos Judges Dst
[07/06/14 22:13] Vicious Chaossword:Judge dat face...
[07/06/14 22:13] :Ailith judges Granos
[07/06/14 22:14] :Vicious Chaossword judges judy
[07/06/14 22:14] :Ailith laughs
[07/06/14 22:15] Granos:Is there going to be a log of this somewhere to go over?
[07/06/14 22:15] Sagewoman:I'm always late.
[07/06/14 22:15] Granos:Condoms help with that sage..
[07/06/14 22:15] Ailith:Hey Sage
[07/06/14 22:15] :Ailith swats Granos over the head
[07/06/14 22:15] :Sagewoman sputtering laugh
[07/06/14 22:16] Sagewoman:Hello...Ailith. *grins*
[07/06/14 22:16] Vicious Chaossword:Wuuut >.>
[07/06/14 22:16] Vicious Chaossword:Kitty dun think dis convo be pgeh...
[07/06/14 22:16] Ailith:How are you today?
[07/06/14 22:17] Sagewoman:Never you mind, Vicious. It was an actual good attempt at humor.
[07/06/14 22:17] :*Syrian* covers her reading ears
[07/06/14 22:17] Sagewoman:I am well. Thank you for asking. I hope the same can be said of you.
[07/06/14 22:18] :Vicious Chaossword covers Syrians hearing mouth
[07/06/14 22:18] Ailith:Very well, thank you *smiles warmly*
[07/06/14 22:18] :Sagewoman pulls a long hair off Azulls shoulder and drops it to the ground
[07/06/14 22:19] Ailith: *hugs Syrian* don't you listen to the horrid man
[07/06/14 22:19] Vicious Chaossword:Dun lizzm...
[07/06/14 22:19] :Granos laughs
[07/06/14 22:20] Vicious Chaossword:He beh bad... Badmun..
[07/06/14 22:21] Sagewoman:Oh Granos is really not that bad, Vicious. He has to really work at it to appear so. *winks*
[07/06/14 22:21] Sagewoman:Nicely done, Syrian! *looks at battle record*
[07/06/14 22:21] Sagewoman:My turn. *wiggles eyebrows naughtily*
[07/06/14 22:22] Vicious Chaossword:Looks at her fight log and lols with a fury*
[07/06/14 22:23] Granos:I am not bad... It's glandular...
[07/06/14 22:23] :Ailith rolls her eyes
[07/06/14 22:25] Vicious Chaossword:Hungry cat! OINK OINK! Dun duuun dun dun da dee la pu tap!
[07/06/14 22:26] :[Spell] To my parchment scrollbook
[07/06/14 22:26] Vicious Chaossword:That's interesting
[07/06/14 22:28] Junior:dst
[07/06/14 22:30] xcercses:hello
[07/06/14 22:31] Sagewoman:Doth mine eyes deceive me?
[07/06/14 22:31] Vicious Chaossword:Guess who turned 18
[07/06/14 22:31] Sagewoman:Is yonder there but our AWOL xcercses?
[07/06/14 22:31] :*Syrian* passed Spicy Pickle to Azull
[07/06/14 22:31] Vicious Chaossword:About 1 million people
[07/06/14 22:31] :*Syrian* passed Spicy Pickle to Azull
[07/06/14 22:32] xcercses: *smiles* hi Sage
[07/06/14 22:32] Vicious Chaossword:Oh sheesh calm down with the pickles
[07/06/14 22:32] Sagewoman: *grins* Hello xcercses. Welcome back to MD.
[07/06/14 22:33] xcercses: *bows* how have you been?
[07/06/14 22:33] Vicious Chaossword:You could hurt someone..
[07/06/14 22:33] :Vicious Chaossword sits on sage's head
[07/06/14 22:34] Sagewoman:I'm okay. Aeoshattr woke me and brought me back about a month ago.
[07/06/14 22:34] :Vicious Chaossword goes sleepy byes
[07/06/14 22:35] Sagewoman: *swats at Vicious* Hey! Off me noggin.
[07/06/14 22:35] Vicious Chaossword: (2 hours then I am back!) bai al
[07/06/14 22:35] Vicious Chaossword:*wakes up and hisses before falling as
[07/06/14 22:35] Vicious Chaossword:agai
[07/06/14 22:35] xcercses:is that some kind of voodoo that people are coming back to MD?
[07/06/14 22:35] Sagewoman:Oh my. Time grows short. Gotta get back to the forest.
[07/06/14 22:36] Sagewoman:AFraid so, X. *leaves*
[07/06/14 22:36] :Vicious Chaossword throws away her portugese flag
[07/06/14 22:43] Draconas:an awake dstbus?!
[07/06/14 22:45] Draconas:hmm not aware
[07/06/14 23:57] papaver:*Hello!
[08/06/14 00:34] *Chewett*:hey all :)
[08/06/14 00:43] *Dark Demon*:Wazaaap Chewy
[08/06/14 00:44] *Chewett*:you still playing dd?
[08/06/14 00:45] *Dark Demon*:are you serious
[08/06/14 00:45] *Chewett*:Yeah I thought you left... Sorry if that wasnt the case
[08/06/14 00:45] Junior:DD plays more than me :P
[08/06/14 00:45] *Chewett*:You appeared to disappear
[08/06/14 00:45] *Chewett*:You dont play Junior
[08/06/14 00:45] *Chewett*:You are stage 4 MD'er
[08/06/14 00:45] Junior: :(
[08/06/14 00:46] Junior:whats a stage 4 MDer?
[08/06/14 00:46] *Chewett*:Spoiler :P
[08/06/14 00:46] *Dark Demon*: (sorry, was afk)
[08/06/14 00:46] Junior:lies
[08/06/14 00:47] *Dark Demon*:i had many problems chewy
[08/06/14 00:47] *Dark Demon*:exams
[08/06/14 00:47] *Dark Demon*:internet
[08/06/14 00:47] *Chewett*:Really sorry DD, thought you left for some reason.
[08/06/14 00:47] *Dark Demon*:laptop exploded
[08/06/14 00:47] Junior:spoilers are just MD's way of saying we're to cool to tell you
[08/06/14 00:47] *Dark Demon*:yea i left and then somehow pm'd you about bugs... nice logic :3
[08/06/14 00:48] *Chewett*:Oh yeah you did
[08/06/14 00:48] *Chewett*:I forgot about that :P
[08/06/14 00:48] *Chewett*:Didnt realise that was you
[08/06/14 00:48] *Dark Demon*:lol
[08/06/14 00:48] *Chewett*:Yeah, Thought you left, Sorry
[08/06/14 00:48] *Dark Demon*:calm that brain there, chewy
[08/06/14 00:48] *Chewett*:Just replied like I would to anyone, didnt really clock who mssaged me
[08/06/14 00:48] *Dark Demon*:chillax :)
[08/06/14 00:48] *Chewett*:Iv had rather a poor time recently, hence the massive break for MD when MD didnt need it...
[08/06/14 00:49] Junior:its ok Chewett we still love you
[08/06/14 00:49] *Dark Demon*:hmm
[08/06/14 00:50] *Dark Demon*:i have a feeling i should read the whole thing again, but i'm wondering... was this judge thing really needed
[08/06/14 00:50] *Chewett*:I cant tell you about that.
[08/06/14 00:50] *Dark Demon*:why not
[08/06/14 00:50] Junior:Spoiler
[08/06/14 00:50] *Dark Demon*:you know everythng ^)^
[08/06/14 00:50] *Dark Demon*: ^_^*
[08/06/14 00:51] *Chewett*:Essentially Mur felt he nedeed to offically appoint someone for some stuff
[08/06/14 00:51] *Chewett*:Since Murry cant do stuff atm
[08/06/14 00:51] *Dark Demon*:I see
[08/06/14 00:51] *Dark Demon*:why not just hand it over to council
[08/06/14 00:51] *Chewett*:He feels he needs to appoint some people to resolve some things
[08/06/14 00:52] Junior:He should've appointed the most active person ever! Me! :P
[08/06/14 00:52] *Dark Demon*:of course
[08/06/14 00:52] *Chewett*:He wanted some people independent of council and me
[08/06/14 00:52] *Chewett*:Who will watch the watchmen?
[08/06/14 00:53] *Chewett*:As the poorly quoted quote doesnt go
[08/06/14 00:53] Junior:lol its the thought that counts
[08/06/14 00:53] *Dark Demon*:hmm
[08/06/14 00:54] Junior:Who keeps giving me random things?
[08/06/14 00:54] *Dark Demon*:feel free to give 'em to me


Edited by Chewett
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  • Root Admin

Since your time poor right now Chewett, I'm posting a log for you to save you some. A few long bits of irrelevant conversation have been removed, nothing relevant to the discussion (things like dance spell and combat ritual discussion)


Full log still exists for those interested, although I doubt any of the removed parts will be of interest to anyone.



Please ensure personal information is removed from logs before posting. This is why I wanted to wait and check through the logs...


I had edited your posted log a little however I dont know what else you have left in.

Edited by Chewett
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This new type of tutorial that is replacing story makes me wonder. Aside from making new and better introduction into MD how are mechanics planned? How will be MP level transition handled? I guess after it's done the last page just says MP4 requirements and once on MP4, MP5 requirements are shown instantly, same for MP6?


Story gave quite a bit of stats that made foundation for new player combat wise, even thought it was done in unbalanced way. How will new players get initial stats if any at all in this new system? Core 9 stats aren't that much of a issue as VE and VP increases in early days, most notably "I-want-grasan" kind of problem as well as possible VE-heat gain issues. They could result from MP3s starting with highly reduced starting VE (which at current time can range from 3k to 10k, rough estimate) which isn't necesarily bad thing but would lead to higher time spent on lower levels MP3 especially due to problem of low population on lower levels. Such phenomena can result in frustration from new player especially the one not verse or familiar in RP which could lead to discouragement due to lack of "tangible" action. Not saying that we don't already have similar situation but it would increase the effect. On the other side it could be viewed as a filter that would produce extremely patient or very social players since combat would be shadowed, mainly a result of current MP3 population.


What about principles? Story was only place where you could chose them and you also initial bit of them. How will they be chosen now? Apparently there are some people with fully finished story yet for some reason they don't have 5/5 chosen principles, would they be able in this new system to chose principle if they missed it?

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  • Root Admin
The MP transition hasnt been discussed by Murry and I yet.
Stats would be given during the quest as would principles I think. I have some ideas by having differnt "quests" to attain different principles and thusly you pick which one you want to go and learn of.
This could later then involve you having the ability to change the principles.
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I didn't have a chance to join the discussion, so I'll just pour mu thoughts here regarding crafting:


With how me (and the other crafters) have not been very active lately, it would help expedite the item creation process if there are other avenues to which people can go to. However, from personal experience I feel it's best if these are the council members instead of a new person (especially one that gets changed the moment that person is no longer fully active).


One thing that should be kept in mind regarding items is that they stand at the real reality level - they're inner magic with a form. Most item people ask? They're at the personal reality level. And most people who applied to the crafter's guild back then did so because they wanted to create those personal reality level items. This is one of the main factors why it was hard for me to recruit new crafters that could avoid the temptation of creating all those juicy fantastic items and remember that items represents facts in MD's reality. 


If we're looking at a long term system, I don't find it very feasible to find a person who fulfills such criteria everytime the previous one fades into RL. I think it would be a much more sustainable system if this was sent directly to council (personally, I'm thinking of a form that appears when you buy an item making wish on the wishshop where you can put the name/description/materials and submit the request - all fully scripted). Even those who can already create items often create personal reality level item - Council, Mur, Demigod accounts, but at least they are the highest authority in MD so if anyone should judge whether a personal reality item should be created (and thus made real reality) it should be them.

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  • Root Admin


If we're looking at a long term system, I don't find it very feasible to find a person who fulfills such criteria everytime the previous one fades into RL. I think it would be a much more sustainable system if this was sent directly to council (personally, I'm thinking of a form that appears when you buy an item making wish on the wishshop where you can put the name/description/materials and submit the request - all fully scripted). Even those who can already create items often create personal reality level item - Council, Mur, Demigod accounts, but at least they are the highest authority in MD so if anyone should judge whether a personal reality item should be created (and thus made real reality) it should be them.


This is the conclusion I reached and was considering scripting something at the armour smith place however I still need to discuss this further with Council.

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