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Puzzle pieces of our Inner Core

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We are all broken puzzles looking with or without knowing for the missing pieces. When such a piece needs to reach us, it will penetrate all our outer layers and masks and hit the inner core, making it less solid. This causes the sentiment called pain. We are given the unconscious choice of assimilating that piece of the puzzle and make that core solid again..but if we fail to learn from it (asimilate the puzzle piece), it will cause the core to be less coherent and solid and we might start throwing away other pieces or even shatter it entirely..so it can reconstruct later more stable..or if incompatible for reconstruction..to vanish.

If we fail to asimilate the knowledge that comes from pain, same series of events will happen again faster..and faster..each time harder to assimilate..till we are hopeless to use it anymore and then it destroys us.

This is evolution. Who adapts and learns..survives..who doesn't.. vanishes. This is because a specimen who is unable to escape this loop is useless for the system it lives in..and is exterminated in a natural process.

Revenge, for example is the feeling we feel when we throw the shattered pieces from our core in a certain direction. Revenge is harmfull when we throw away more pieces than needed, but usefull when we throw away the garbage that remains after a heavier, more significant, impact to the inner core.

When this puzzle is complete... the inner core deserves a better name.. the Inner Sun. At that point all that is needed exists and is in harmony at the core..as "one"..and all that tries to hit the core will evaporate like tiny pebbles heading towards the sun. At this point ..our purpose becomes complete and we can die..this time not because of uselessness to evolution..but as a sacrifice to better the entire system. This sort of death is different.. it is not vanishing..but instead it is a sacrifice where you give out of your light to people that need it..people that have empty or missing puzzle pieces that should be filled so they can reach an other more important puzzle pieces they miss. Such places of our core can only be filled with light..light that can only come from a perfect and complete core..because light does not cause 'impact' ..instead it floods what is empty but at the same time it remains unsolid.

Where our missing puzzle pieces might come from obeys no rule or pattern.
Although there is something i discovered to apply in my case.. the deepest more powerful pieces of this puzzle came from most distant places wbile the pieces that where essential as a liant to other pieces, came from close distance but opposed social category of people. This however might be just my way and should not be generalized. Sometimes we have nothing at all to 'learn' from the smartest people we know..but find our missing puzzle pieces and learn from most unexpected people arround us.

The key that opens the gate to receive the piece of information someone else holds for you without knowing..is RESPECT and sometimes kindness when less expected. Go and respect the less resectworthy person you know..and see what you discover. Be kind to the cruelest enemy..and this key will open the place for you to find what your inner core needed from that fight.

Although this is best presented in religious terms..aimed for people better suited to understand it that way .. my explenation however, is the way i see the world..and gives me, and hopefully some of you, the possibility to use the rational part of our mind to replace the emotional part. Looking at same things from a different perspective will avoid remaining blind to certain things and will reveal things that take us further in this jurney ... but as i said..knowledge of this sort causes pain as a side effect..and can exterminate someone from inside out if given to the wrong type of person or in the wrong type of way. Who needs it, finds it, assimilates it..as long as it is there somewhere.. in a game..in a book..written on a blog or forum..or discussed at a beer with a random person.

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Some thoughts I had while reading this:

  • responding to this topic 'correctly' might earn you an invite to SOTIS
  • the title of Mur may have been passed from Manu to somebody else, this Mur's grammar is much better than I remember it being on the forums these past few months
  • some common ideas eg "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it."
  • can be applied heavily all the way up to mp8
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  • Root Admin

1) might, but i didn't wrote it expecting a reply, i wrote it to share the info

2) this is VERY interesting what you said there, because its true somehow, i can't detail it, i don't have my words yet, but Mur is a different Mur somehow. As of who controlls him in the outer world, its also someone else, even if it has the same brain and body and name, it changed drastically

3) you named these common, i am interested to know if I, Mur, ever wrote abot them in md, or you are talking about common outer-world knowledge

4) should be applied especially to mp8, thats basically outside the borders of md. In this case md might slightly differ, because in md, its complicated to understand what the inner core might be in relation to our outer character. Is it maybe who we are In the rl? or each character developed an isolated and independent identity and has its own core and its own outer layers....this might be something to think of... maybe in md we are just the cores..or just the mantles? i do not know. The info above was written thinking on the outer-world alone, but finding an explenation in relation to md, might give additional information to what happens in rl. Sadly i will not read long posts about this, but good clues are welcome, and for sure there will be peoplethat will read your replies, i just wrote the initial one to start ..or just share.. a bit of information that i realised just recently, yet i apparently knew always.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I believe "death" is not the correct word to call it...


Just when the inner core becomes the inner sun, its like starting a fresh life from the start, not dying. When giving light to those who need, it does have a new purpose does it not? After achieving a complete puzzle, I'd say the most active stage begins where you fill up those empty spaces in the core with light.


We all live because we have a purpose and do things because we have a purpose. Shedding light into each others' cores are what make us dependent on each other, hence creating another purpose/reason to exist. A change in purpose shouldn't be referred to as death, in my opinion.

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  • 9 months later...

If we live in an n dimensional world then there must be a maximum of pieces of the inner sun. This is because for an inner sun to function properly all of the pieces must work together and be able to "touch" one another.


Try this:

  • To represent a 0d (0 dimensions being a single point) inner sun draw a single circle to represent the single piece to the inner sun. All pieces of the inner sun are connected.
  • To represent a 1d (1 dimension being a series of 0 dimensions, many points forming a line) draw two circles and connect them with a line. All pieces of the inner sun are connected.
  • To represent a 2d (2 dimensions being a series of 1 dimension, many lines forming a plane) draw four circles and connect them with six lines. All pieces of the inner sun are connected.

[log this 'hidden' thought is incomplete, i'm keeping it here so that i can find it again more easily later.]

  • Dimension + Amount of pieces = number of lines needed
  • But the amount of pieces can be determined from the dimension of the inner sun. Let f(x) represent the amount of pieces of the inner sun where x is the amount of dimensions that the inner sun occupy

f(0) - 1 = 1

f(1) - 1 = 1

f(2) - 2 = 2


This is the beginning of a very familiar series of numbers....


f(3) - 3 = 3

f(4) - 4 = 5

f(3) = 6?

f(4) = 9?


If you look down on the four circles of a 2d inner sun so that the two nearest you fully cover the other two then you only see two circles. Of you look down on the two circles of a 1d inner sun so that one circle fully covers the other then you only see one circle.


How are the circles of a 3d inner sun arranged so that if you look at them from a 2d perspective there are only four?

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