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Summer Fest Story (Team Yellow)

Eagle Eye

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Summer Stories

For the summer festival, we would like to see some creative writing.
First off, write a story about the land you are a member of, or the land you would like to be a member of. This doesn't have to be a true story, creativity is encouraged. Aim for between 300 and 500 words.
Second, write about what made you choose to join the alliance you are in, or if you are not in an alliance write about what sort of alliance you might like to join and why you would want to join it. Aim for between 100 and 200 words.

Entries will be judged based on content, length, and presentation. Spelling and grammar are not going to be judged harshly - MD is an international game, after all!
Edit: Send your Story via Forum with subject Summer Stories Post your Entry Here

Deadline: Extended

Rewards: TK Sponsored
From me; Silver coins, fresh pope, fresh BP and choose spell stone to my inventory
If there 8 Entry of this quest One winner get Wish Point From me
Thank you TK Pipstickz

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[spoiler]Thyme for Tea

A young girl wrapped up in a blue cloak was walking along the grassy Plains of Liberty picking tea leaves. She had successfully gathered a couple already, some aromatic herbs, and some plants that she couldn't unidentify. Things were going quite well for the girl.

Suddenly, the girl spotted a bunch of herbs that looked like all of the colours of the lands. She excitedly skipped over to the herbs and knelt down to inspect them more closely.

The herbs were divided into three groups. In the centre, there was a bunch of greyish green flowers with black streaks in the leaves. She avoided those, feeling that they'd be no good to drink. To the left, she saw a bunch of dull white flowers, with six petals each. They looked kind of interesting, so the girl grabbed the bunch by the stem and pulled. They broke off easily, leaving the roots in the ground. Putting them in a corner of her basket away from the other herbs, the girl then looked at the last group.

These definitely were the flowers that the girl had been attracted to. The flowers were completely leafless: the petals looked like they were bursting through the ground. And what colours! One of the flowers had four petals--a red one, a blue one, a yellow one, and a green one. Another one of the flowers had two petals that were coloured white with blue polkadots.

Yes, those flowers, and there were plenty of them, were very attractive. But one moment, thought the girl, her nose wrinkling as she sniffed the air. What was that thing that smelled vaguely of lemons? It was very strong, but the girl couldn't find it. Closing her eyes, she buried her nose in the greenery before her.

Moving her nose to the left, she winced as she felt a foul smell enveloping her senses. Quickly moving to the right, her nose touched the long, silky flowers that she guessed were the colourful ones. They smelled like nothing. Her slight disappointment was erased when she moved her nose forward a bit and was almost overwhelmed by the smell. Opening her eyes, she frowned as she just saw a bunch of little green leaves with bright yellow edges. Sniffing it again to make sure, she confirmed that it was the beautiful fragerant lemony smell that she had smelled earlier.

With a shrug of her shoulders, since she really cared more about how it smelled than how it looked, the girl grabbed the herbs with her left hand, and ripped them out by the roots. Below them, she saw something moving and screamed, dropping the lemony flowers as she ran back to No Man's Land.

In the hole in the ground, a large white rat was scurrying around chasing many different colours of bugs. Some it ate, some it didn't notice. Curiously enough, the rat was wearing some red and black checkered clothes.

An Alliance for Change

I would like to join, have joined, and have always wanted to join an alliance in which I could actively do tasks for other people. I joined the Fusioneers so that I could, among other things, provide heat stones and heat jars for others to use. Why the Fusioneers over other alliances? It'd take too long to explain that, but let's just say that I thought, and still think, that heat is one of the most closely associated 'things' (though it's an energy) with change.

Essentially, I desire to help others enact the changes that they wish to see done in the realm. Whether or not I'm good at this isn't the point. (I wish to be far better than I am now at it, needless to say.) This is why I first wanted to join the Dowsers, an alliance that provides water to others. Similarly, it's also why I wanted to join the Treasure Keepers, an alliance that rewards other people for enacting change in the realm through quests and other things.

Thus, I'm considering joining an alliance again, seeing if I can find yet another small and manageable way to help change happen in MD.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Story 1: Land

Walking through the House of Tainted Times, all the arachnid queen saw were books. But this was not the Archives, the books here smelled old, forbidden, and spicy. The collars rippled like a tainted river, entrancing fools and warning the wary. Nava was a wary fool, but only for a spider.

As her children crawled around her, colouring the dark floor black, and tickling the nerves in her humanoid legs, she heard the pages whisper to her; tempting the Necrovian with promises of secret knowledge.

Her eyes narrowed at the book to her left; it was title-less, but it spoke louder than the rest. It communicated not with words, but with raw emotion--as if understanding the Spinner to her core.

Nava responded with a touch, before falling to the ground with her children.

But so much happened within that moment. Time folded upon itself, breaking in the spider queen's mind. It ceased to exist, yet was born anew. Within the moment, more happened than in all her lifetime. And she would be able to savour every vision, feeling, and message the title-less book gave to her--for as long as she wanted, as they all existed simultaneously in her mind at that specific moment.

Meanwhile, she was standing up, and walking deeper down the dark halls. But it did not stop there. She was also on her deathbed, while also being born--and everything in between.

And then she fell to the ground, waking up only three seconds later. Time had been torn from her, but only for a moment. It returned ever stronger, and more durable.

The spider Queen left immediately, in a state of shock. Nava was never in a state of shock. Then again, she just saw all of her life flash before her eyes--past and future.

The House of Tainted Times; it is an appropriate name.

Nava: I still need to write the second part.[/spoiler]

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I am incredibly bored, so I will post something :)
        [spoiler]    This whole thing started on a rotten..err..wonderful day of Tuesday, in the year of the Mur 9. (All participants in this are, as you can see, underage, so no foul language will be used. Nor complex concepts.) TheRichMerchant was strolling around in his land, which he joined like 3 days ago...err...quite some time now and decided to stop at Willow’s Shop. The shopkeeper was busy – all ITC went through them , even sticky goop or toxic gas. Busy or annoyed-who knows? Anyway, Rich convinced him to take a coffee break and started to ask questions about angiens. Not that the shopkeeper knew anything about it, but hey! it was Tuesday morning, the shop smelled like grasan ferment and...who needs all that gloomy talk about wars and deaths and whatever happens in MD in a normal day?

            The shopkeeper started talking about his wife and kids (yeah, Rich asked him about angiens) and TheRichMerchant realized life is boring. Oh, so boring! He also realized shopkeepers like this one are everywhere. Nobody cares if they die, nor if they live. None of them can ever talk honestly to you, or at least pretend to care. No honesty at all in this rotten world!
            Time to go to Princ and tell him the shopkeeper stole his silver in a transaction... At least the public execution will invigorate this day![/spoiler]



TheRichMerchant was in front of a tough decision – the toughest of this life. The closest tough decision to this one was probably today, when he had to choose between 30 more minutes of sleep and eating breakfast. Anyway, his decision was to choose an alliance he would join. Now, he read all about alliances and found that there is little profit in most of them, but this wasn’t about profit. It was about where you feel at home, at ease. Well, since there was no guild of merchants, TheRichMerchant felt at ease everywhere and nowhere (while mantaining some decency – after all, if you feel too much at ease...). So, he pondered upon it for a bit, then decided it’s best to flip a coin. Heads – join whatever alliance is desperate enough to accept him, tail – create his own. He did so, with one minor problem – he flipped it at MDP, close to the entrance of UG. And...a silver is a silver, if you lose it, go get it! And so he did, but while in the underground, he lost his AP. Also, it’s quite dark in there, so he couldn’t find his coin.

...When he finally emerged to light, he had to jump from rock to rock, losing his purse of gold, then go up a rope, losing his strength and talk to an obstinate shopkeeper, who said he owns him money, losing his breath...He rushed to MB, thinking he will immediately join KoB, then destroy UG for taking his precious money, join WD and suck all the water so he can find his money w/o getting wet and finally join SoE and kill all shopkeepers and loot all their stuff.

...Richy takes a break in a mental institution now...


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