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Attacking in Wind's Sanctuary.


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Recently, I've logged in and sat around in Wind's Sanctuary, never leaving the area, only to find myself being attacked. The most recent person to attack me while in the Sanctuary was Shirt Club Member, an Adept of Khaji Da, whose monsters were rather amazing and managed to completely bypass the Defense Ritual I had setup that had 3 Grasan, 2 Heretic Archers and a Barren Soul all at full health.

It would be really nice if the Sanctuary again became safe, especially since I lost 33 Heads in the process, which had taken me a good deal of time to collect.

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I've been attacked when I didn't have heads. I just started gathering them today and this has been happening since this little contest started. The only "sanctuary" left is to go find some spot in the middle of nowhere and log out there.

That's odd; I can only attack people with 7 or more heads. In truth, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't attack /anybody/ with heads like I thought the new contest rules implied. But anyway, your being attacked without any heads is odd, I think.

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You shouldnot be attacked in a sanctuary while you dont have heads mostlikely what happened is you were attacked while moving to the sanctuary and it only showed up when you got there

there is a time delay on when it shows you so it does look like you are there for a little while and get attacked

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No, this has been happening after I log in and have been sitting there for hours. Most of the time, I never leave the Sanctuary unless I'm going to work on the Gazebo Puzzle, which I hate btw, because most of the people I run into are perfectly capable of clobbering me. So I like my nice little hidey hole in Wind Sanctuary.

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Well, that shouldn't be. I think you're not supposed to be attacked unless you have 7+ heads, or that's how it's been for me. Btw, though, you need to attack others to get stronger, not just sit in the Sanctuary. Other people may be able to clobber you, but there should also be people you can clobber yourself. :rolleyes:

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