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Rophs Crew: Cook

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Rophs will need a cook for his crew. How else will everybody get to eat some easily prepared and nutritious meals?


What you need to do:

  • Prepare two meals that you will serve to Rophs and his fellow crewmembers on the ship sailing west
  • While preparing the food take pictures and write down the recipes you use
  • Email the recipies and pictures to RophsMD@yahoo.com


Contest Stages:

  1. Submissions
  2. Judging
  3. Results


Do "What you need to do" and make sure that your submission ends up sent to me via email at RophsMD@yahoo.com



I will send your submissions to a neutral judge, this person will choose the winner.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS 1/31/2015 AT 23:59 ST (m/d/y)

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This is both a recipe on how to make the perfect Ramen meal as well as also serving as a Precautionary Tale upon Always Reading the Instructions! Please follow along closely:


•1 package of Ramen •2 cups of water •1 packet of seasoning (included)

Thankfully enough the packaging already comes illustrated with quite simple steps which are quite clearly detailed in the instructions on the back.


spu2w1.jpg  nla3qv.jpg  voo5rm.jpg


Following this method quite diligently for many years, I always carefully measured, timed, and each bowel of noodley that I made in this method.  It wasn't until I had left the life and place of my upbringing that I discovered on my travels that there was actually an additional step missing from the package that was further required in order to obtain the perfect bowel of ramen hereby detailed in this recipe.  (This needed action takes place *between* the listed processes described in 2. and 3. meaning that Step 3 now becomes the New Step 4.  Both 1. and 2. remain unaltered and stay consistent in order.)


Step 3.75 What is not listed, and which remains necessary before reaching the desired completeness is to remove out the excess water after boiling the noodles before adding in the packet of seasoning.  Straining out this extra liquid beforehand will allow the full artificial flavor to exude itself around the bowel without allowing the taste to become hopelessly diluted from the excess moisture.


After nearly two decades of preparing, eating, and enjoying countless plates of watery mixture: I have now repeated the hidden process enough times to enjoy perfection.


The moral of the story is to always read the instructions first, however it gives no encouragement to then follow them!



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updated the OP, i accidentally had the submission phase end more than 10 months ago instead of in 4 months :P

now you can submit without fear of being too late:P


Plus there's some players that joined between then and now who might want to participate but wouldn't have because they didn't find this thread.

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