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Rophs Crew: Deckhand

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Rophs will have himself, a cook, and a Diplomat but without deckhands to hoist the sails and swab the decks the ship and her crew simply could not survive.


What you need to do:

You must tie a knot IRL and take a picture of it with a piece of paper also in the image containing your username in MD and the two essential letters "MD". Then post the picture ITT, your post must give the knot's name and a possible use for it on the ship.


Contest Stages:

  1. Submissions
  2. Scoring
  3. Results



Do "What you need to do" until you cannot do it anymore. You may not post two knots in succession, another player must post first. This stage ends when no new knots have been posted after 48 hours.



I count how many knots each participant posted. You don't need to do anything.



The three players with the most knots will be announced!


Submissions end when no new knots have been posted after 48 hours.

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