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Where scientists meet: Prologue (Yellow)


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A few days ago I have been asked to make a quest for team yellow. As such I pieced together a quest (or rather the start of one) I had in my mind for a long time, but never got to making. The quest has been put together in a very short time, so please forgive any mistakes I made and feel free to send them to me using pms. Now without further ado;




On the left step of the GoE you can find a man, busily working on some project that must be very interesting to the man for him to spend so much time on it. He does however appear to look up every so often with a troubled look on his face. Perhaps he is in need of some help?


Use the keyword "helping" to start the quest.





The quest will run for 3 weeks, until 23:59 on the 4the of October. Every player (one alt per player) who completes the quest before that time will receive a silver coin. Furthermore the top players who completes the quest with the lowest score will get an extra reward (to be announced)


Scoring will be as follows:

For the first puzzle every move after the minimum to finish will give you 1 point up to a maximum of 20

For the second puzzle every wrong answer gives you 4 points, up to a maximum of 20

For the third puzzle a wrong answer gives 2 points, and asking a hint will give you 1 point, up to a maximum of 20


In case of a tie the player who took the least time from the moment they started till they finished will win the quest.

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It appears I made an error in the second puzzle. Two people have been effected by this and have had their score for this puzzle reset. Now the puzzle should work properly.


If one of the effected players ends up in a tie I will also think of a different tie break due too the time they lost here.

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