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confirming leader tags


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makes perfect sense, the only problems are that sometimes previous holders of the title are unreachable or in some cases they are not really happy about the new leader and they might silently sabotage this. Think that the title doc has to reach them and they have to post it to the new person.


As a concept this is how it should be, we can at least have it as a guideline


ps. ready replied same thing in an other topic a while back btw

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I agree with this also and I don't see any other acceptable alternative but as Mur said older leaders being unreachable is big problem. Can you reach Khalazdad for example in order to confirm Peace's queen title?


Second problem that Mur stated of old leader disliking the new one and possibly sabotaging him isn't only retroactive problem but also possible problem in future. In the end it's Mur/Council who grant Crowns after citizens have made their mind in elections, whereas previous leader can only voice out support towards certain candidate for election in attempt to sway the votes of those individuals loyal to him to this new candidate who got his support. Such possible support is very relative to the influence old leader still holds. That's why I don't see good reason for any type of such confirming of king titles. I think that they should have confirming authority nulled.

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i award them anyway, the problem was with what happens with the SECOND signature, thats the issue we discuss here.


I am waiting to see the final list, then i might decide to issue an other special title docs format with just one signature, mine, to be used as root docs for titles that can't be confirmed by anyone else. (but this involves more costs and currently i don't afford it)

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As i said in the other topic. I will issue "root docs" , the kind that will require only one signature. I will try to keep those as _RARE_ as possible and only for situations where its really needed.


If anyone has anything to say against this method please contact me now about it, before i finish working on them.

Thank you

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