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Tormented Soul -auction-


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for a young player like you, Witty, TS is a nice creature and very helpful, I wouldnt sell it :P If you need silver so badly - find me ingame.


Sir Blut, I gladly take your tormented soul if you don't want it.

Thank you for the tip! 

I already posted this, so... I will keep it up until the bid ends, if no one bids for it, I will keep it.

PS: It's not about silver, but thank you for offering to help! :D

i'll buy it for 2 sc


If no one else offers more by Thursday, you got it! 

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So are you offering to get a TS to anyone that would have bid here Syrian?

i reserve the right to set arbitrary rules about who i give them to, rules that can and will change randomly without reason :P also i reread my previous post and i honestly have no idea what i was even replying to, it makes no sense in this topic, i know i post pretty late in the early hours of the morning but damn...my brain clearly wasnt working o.O



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