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Planting a Seed [Red Team]


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Before the Seedwalk began I asked if anybody had an Apple Seed, there was a reason behind this. At the Meeting of the Roads where the Community Garden is located Rophs has started a Training Garden. Some players may remember training here as mp3 when it was dubbed the "mp3 Training Ground". Seeing the general sparsity of mp3 and mp4 players he decided to re purpose it as a modernesque Sparring Grounds. He decided that a seed should be planted there, one that would grow tall and lend its strength to weary fighters. After some deliberation Rophs decided upon an apple tree.


Come to Meeting of the Roads on Sep 17th at 22:00 ST where Rophs will plant the Apple Seed and then christen it with blood. This will be a way to close out the more peaceful Red Team day and usher into Purple Team and their tournament.


See you there!

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[17/09/14 23:23] *Chewett*:What text you want?
[17/09/14 23:23] Rophs:Rophs plants an Apple Seed
[17/09/14 23:24] :[Spell] testing12156465467 Rophs plants an Apple Seed
[17/09/14 23:24] Rophs:It worked
[17/09/14 23:24] Rophs::D
[17/09/14 23:24] *Chewett*:Ok im leaving now, enjoy
[17/09/14 23:24] *Chewett*:Sorry
[17/09/14 23:24] Rophs:Have a nice sleep Chew
[17/09/14 23:25] Rophs:Don't be sorry
[17/09/14 23:25] Rophs:You made a mistake, people do that.
[17/09/14 23:25] Rophs:Thank you for making the jumplink and announcement
[17/09/14 23:25] Rophs:You rock Chew
[17/09/14 23:28] Rophs:I'll start it at 23:30ST
[17/09/14 23:28] Rophs:Give people a few minutes to arrive and stuff
[17/09/14 23:30] Rophs:Just Haedrin and matjaz then?
[17/09/14 23:30] Rophs: *nods* This is fine.
[17/09/14 23:30] Rophs:Haedrin you trained here as an mp3 right?
[17/09/14 23:30] Haedrin:I have no idea Rophs...
[17/09/14 23:31] Haedrin:That was 4 years ago...
[17/09/14 23:31] Haedrin:But probably...
[17/09/14 23:31] Rophs:I formed the mp3 training garden here about one and a half years ago
[17/09/14 23:31] Rophs:I think you, Bash Chelik, and TheRichMerchant trained there
[17/09/14 23:32] Rophs:Well, now I'm reopening it for mp3 and mp4 players
[17/09/14 23:32] Rophs:Because both are becoming quite sparse
[17/09/14 23:32] Rophs:I also wanted to plant a Seed at the Training Garden.
[17/09/14 23:33] Rophs:Without it people might be confused as to what to plant there.
[17/09/14 23:33] TheRichMerchant:well, i didnt fight here much. more at the scene after road of battles
[17/09/14 23:33] TheRichMerchant:forgot the name
[17/09/14 23:34] matjaz:clash of ages
[17/09/14 23:34] matjaz:bash's home :)
[17/09/14 23:34] TheRichMerchant:yeah. but this is a good spot for an apple seed
[17/09/14 23:34] Rophs:For a bit of time I was puzzled wondering what to plant here, until I eventually decided upon an Apple Tree.
[17/09/14 23:34] Haedrin:Agreed!
[17/09/14 23:34] Haedrin:Will it grow apples?! :D
[17/09/14 23:34] Rophs:I wanted a tree that would lend its strength to weary figheters.
[17/09/14 23:35] Rophs:So that after a few fights, you could rest in its shade and munch on an Apple.
[17/09/14 23:35] Rophs:An Apple Tree!
[17/09/14 23:35] Rophs:So now...
[17/09/14 23:36] Rophs:Rophs takes the Apple Seed and plants it in the ground while he is watched by Lintara, Haedrin, matjaz
[17/09/14 23:36] TheRichMerchant:weell?
[17/09/14 23:36] Rophs:Gah
[17/09/14 23:36] :TheRichMerchant
[17/09/14 23:36] :Rophs checks his castwords
[17/09/14 23:36] TheRichMerchant::))
[17/09/14 23:37] :[Spell] Rophs takes the Apple Seed and plants it in the ground while he is watched by Lintara, Haedrin, matjaz
[17/09/14 23:37] Rophs:The other two already have the acheivement, and it bugs out if I give it to somebody who already has it.
[17/09/14 23:37] Rophs:And dst is late to the party!
[17/09/14 23:38] Rophs:But now the Seed is planted we must water it.
[17/09/14 23:38] TheRichMerchant:she can water it:/
[17/09/14 23:38] Rophs:Water it with blood from out creatures as they fight.
[17/09/14 23:38] :::::::: Rophs asks everyone to mass attack everyone until death ::::::::
[17/09/14 23:39] TheRichMerchant:i was thinking more like ”ask your water daimon to burst”
[17/09/14 23:39] Rophs:That could work too.
[17/09/14 23:40] Rophs:Fight, warm up your creature's for the BHC, spill blood on the ground, and water the seed!
[17/09/14 23:40] Rophs:Make use of the Training Garden!
[17/09/14 23:40] :Rophs doesn't have an mp4 to attack
[17/09/14 23:40] TheRichMerchant:May this seed grow into a strong tree! (i like apples)
[17/09/14 23:41] TheRichMerchant:done my share o.O.
[17/09/14 23:42] TheRichMerchant:i leave you peeps here, ima go pick on ary a little and then head to MB. good luck with it
[17/09/14 23:42] Rophs:Cool, seed is planted.
[17/09/14 23:42] :::::::: Never drive faster thant you guardian angel can fly ! ::::::::
[17/09/14 23:42] Rophs:Enjoy the fighting, you are never safe.


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