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Skilldamage bug (and VP)

Ary Endleg

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I found out that while you are at under -500 honor (I'll refer to it in rest of the post as "negative honor", also I'm at under -5k honor) interesting thing happens related to skilldamage.
As you all know negative honor prevents you from getting wins, heat, stats. For those of you who didn't know negative honor prevents skilldamage too. There are 2 kinds of skilldamage. First kind is when you have 1000 or more balance losses than balance wins and is self imposed one. Second one is imposed by others if they have skilldamage stat, such as Eon. This second type works in a way that if player with skilldamage stat wins the fight against you and gains stats you lose same stats he gained. In both types of skilldamage negative honor prevents loss of stats. However I found out that it only prevents stat loss if you are the one attacking and losing fight, if you get attacked and lose, you will lose stats.


Situation is this. You are in negative honor, you fight such player who has skilldamage, you lose, he should get stats according to heat gained and you shouldn't lose stats because of negative honor.
Bug is that your negative honor prevents other player with skilldamage stat to gain stats himself!

I know how to calculate stat gains with heat and I know how much and which stats Eon was supposed to get in my fights, yet in log it says he didn't got any and I also didn't lost any (which is normal for me). I tested this in all ways. I attacked Eon while only his skilldamage was applied, he didn't got stats, I didn't lose it. I attacked other people while having skilldamage from negative balance, they got stats, I didn't lose them. I attacked Eon while both his skilldamage was applied as well as the one from my negative balance, he didn't got stats and I didn't lose any.
Here is the screenshot of important part of the log and just for reference I lost 3615 VE, Eon is balanced and has 3k honor himself.

As you can see. System thinks Eon is the one with negative honor, hence he got no heat and no stats.




I'll also add up another observation that I also mentioned earlier, somewhere in [topic='15492']Combat Talk[/topic] topic, but which is now further supported with skilldamage behavior. It's about losing VP while having negative honor. Apparently it seems that losing VP is the only thing you can lose while in negative honor. Hence I suspect that code for it to be blocked was forgotten to be added. Rule that forbids losing VP with negative honor, it can be forgotten to be coded, while rule to forbid losing stats while in negative honor has to be coded specifically. From that I conclude that losing VP while in negative honor is also a bug. I speculate it was forgotten to be coded, just like case with [topic='15715']gaining wins on defense while in negative honor[/topic], which I also reported.



EDIT: first part of post is fail XD apparently Eon is capped so that also stops him from gaining stats. I need uncapped player with skilldamage to retest all of it :( such failure. Still stuff about VP should stand.


EDIT2: after some more testing it's concluded that there is no bug, Eon was capped. Once he was uncapped he kept gaining stats. Testing also showed that losing stats due to skilldamage happens only in defense, if you attack and lose you won't lose stats even though logs tell you otherwise.


Bug: Log will tell you following:


[Skilldamage] Whatever skills the winner wins it gets subtracted from enemy skills, because lost fights compared to won fights is too unballanced (1000 difference)


This note appears in all fights in which you have balance skilldamage. When you are attacking and losing the fight, regardless in which skilldamage you get involved, you won't lose stats. Skilldamage makes you lose stats only in defense. So this label is wrong when it appears while you are attacking. Moreover there is no label/warning in logs if skilldamage is from other player's stat, rather than balance.


Pending tests: need to do control checks with positive honor to see if there are differences in behavior when those circumstances change.


EDIT3: checked when in positive honor, same behavior. Basically there is no bug as initially described. Only bug is label in log and it's questionable if skilldamage is supposed to be applied or not when you attack and lose (currently it isn't applied).

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Update. Another statdamage display bug.


While you are in balance statdamage, statdamage applies only if you lose and other player gains any type of stats, you lose that same stat with amount of -1 (as I explained above).


However in logs, both you and enemy get warning that you are in statdamage. This warning is shown only if outcome is Sheath Balance, but not if outcome is Sheath. While actually you are losing stats in both outcomes.

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