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Redundant location removal

Ary Endleg

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I've been wondering what's the purpose of some locations, mainly interiors of capitol interior.

Such locations don't have artwork of it's own, rather they have dimmed capitol interior one on top of which is generic shop icon. They don't have chat or online list or anything that makes them real locations, they are just a useless excuse for additional scene that fulfills no purpose.


Let me list it. Aramory interior, Oak Fort interior, all of generic interiors of capitol interior such as shop, alliance list, rebel count and citizen application.


I don't understand why people have to enter inside those locations that don't even have MD feel to them, they lack their own artwork as well. Why not make it instead that when you click on Aramory you don't enter inside but rather creature recruitment page pops up? Same for capitol, interestingly enough, one of such things is already done that way in capitols. It's item pickup place, you don't enter into yet another interior, instead you get popup.


I suggest that all those generic locations be removed and replaced by popups.

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I would disagree, .... Im not sure of the reasoning ... joking.


There are some locations that would require some more work like the places where the alliances are listed. Also, those places are / were very useful (will not spoil when) exactly as they are right now without chat.

There are also some other locations that seem not useful (like the hidden locations from each land) should we remove those too ?


Anyway, as I disagree with your "remove them" proposal on quite a few different levels, I propose instead to find some artwork that would integrate with those locations like the item shop from Willow Shop Interior. This would make a good quest : "Design artwork for location x" and as there are quite a few locations ... it would keep the gifted ppl busy for a while.

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