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Ring Logs

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This thread is only for Ring logs; please do not post anything else.


There are certain clues (or questions) in the logs to understand/interpret many things. I will award silver to anyone who manages to find them and "answer" them (only through forum PM or ingame PM) and then slowly reveal them here myself.

For example's sake: Who is DD's master? :D



The First Twist


: Dark Demon holds up his hand and closes his eyes

: Dark Demon twists the Ring gently around his finger; it immediately starts giving off a glow

Dark Demon: *whispers* The doors have been opened... hmm...

Dark Demon: The Door of Illumination. Now this seems familiar... where did we last see this again?

Dark Demon: It doesn't matter. You are through. That's what matters.

Dark Demon: *smiles slightly* You're right, so what happens now?

Dark Demon: Now, you can think. You must think about the sources of knowledge. The very roots of that which shed light over what you did not know. That which opened up paths for you to follow.

Dark Demon: But it doesn't stop there, does it?

Dark Demon: Of course it doesn't. Similarly, you must think about that darkness which tempered you. That which stopped you from going out of bounds. Which controlled you and kept you on a set path.

Dark Demon: *nods, his eyes still closed* Yes...

Dark Demon: Do not stop there either. Think about why all this was so, and you will then understand the Door of Illumination...

Dark Demon: *sits down cross legged at the center of the path and stares at the Ring as its glow fades away, whispering* Thank you.... Master

: Lintara tilt's her head, slightly wide-eyed and obviously confused.
Dark Demon: *opens his eyes and turns to them, smiling slightly* Unexpected of course.
Dark Demon: Each time I twist the Ring, the infinte doors of the Labyrinth open. I will meditate on the revelations of the first door and then set off tomorrow to every part of the Labyrinth.
Dark Demon: Then, when I return, the Ring will be twisted again and the process repeats until I am one with the Labyrinth.
Lintara: *nods* So a game of hide-and-seek now? *looks about* Won't be easy.
Dark Demon: Hrmm? Hide from who?
Lintara: Oh. *chuckles* Sorry, did not mean like that. Just that the Labyrinth is huge.
Dark Demon: *sighs and nods* Indeed. It is not a short easy path.
Lintara: Just... *looks down* Don't catch the circle curse. *chuckles* It's when you start walking in circles and can't find any other path for days.
Dark Demon: *smiles* Not to worry. I can always see the doors and I know I have to pass through them.
Lintara: *giggles and nods* You do.


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PLEASE unlink player names in logs
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: Dark Demon holds up his hand and closes his eyes
: Dark Demon gently twists the Ring around his finger; it immediately starts giving off a glow
Dark Demon: *whispers* You have opened the doors again… you are ready for what lies ahead…
Dark Demon: *nods* I am.
Dark Demon: Very well. The next door you must meditate on is the Door of Sight. Illumination may well be the source… but what does it allow you to see? How do you interpret it?
Dark Demon: It allows me to see my path ahead and choose which way to go?
Dark Demon: Yes… and more. The most difficult part comes when their light does not match yours, and you end up seeing things the wrong way.
Dark Demon: That is indeed something to ponder on.
Dark Demon: Also… do not forget what darkness hides from you… which is for your betterment alone. Form a connection between the two, and you will then understand the Door of Sight.
Dark Demon: *smiles* Thank you… Master *watches the Ring as its glow disappears*.
: Dark Demon closes his eyes and resumes meditation


And a bit of story-revelation: DD sees, for himself, the Labyrinth as a representation of his conflicted and slightly crazy mind :P

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