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Ghost Spell Rework


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Current ghost spell afaik:

Preconditions: caster has 300 heat

Postconditions: caster's name and player profile is obscured, their name is changed to ~~Ghost~~, spell ends after 5 minutes

Spell fails if preconditions are not met.


My proposed change:

Preconditions: caster has 300 heat, caster has specified a target (defaults to targeting caster if there is no target), the target is dead 

Postconditions: all heat is drained from caster's elroin (incuding the target's name changed to Ghost of <Playername> where <Playername> is the name of the target, target is able to move, target is able to attack, target attacks using Summoned Army, when the spell ends they are teleported to where their corpse was, the duration is equal to the amount of heat spent by the caster in seconds (5 minutes == 300 heat)


People who have purchased the Ghost Spell as it currently exists in the wish shop would get their WP refunded and lose the casts of the spell they purchased with their WPs.


edit 1:

Made ghost attack with Summoned Army

Edited by Rophs
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Give dead people more stuff to do and make death more meaningful. Maybe add it as a new spell called "zombie" and don't teleport them back to the corpse after the duration. The reason a dead person's ghost could move is because a ghost should be able to "float around" the realm, although a ghost attacking with their own creats doesn't make sense...


OP updated: Ghosts can now only attack with summoned army.

This may seem really dumb, but only a dead person would be able to receive the effects of this spell. It almost seems fair to let them "wreak vengeance" on their killer via summoned army.

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