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Loreroot Song Quest

Assira the Black

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*pouts* I like to sing... but I am not the best at it. I tried making a song and chose some music to go with. It would be really great if people added their songs that they created (has to be created by you) and add some music to it (can be from youtube, if a song with vocals is chosen... the vocal portion will not be counted just the instrumental music will be) .



My song:


Big plum

Small plum

Boy, I like to eat

Fresh plum

Rotten plum

Ugh!I prefer the first one

Purple plum

Red plum

It doesn't matter to me

Sweet plum

Sour plum

Are good together

One plum

Two plum

One for me and two for another


Music to go with:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XocGuknk_M



1st Place: 3 Silver

2nd Place: 2 Silver

3rd Place: 1 Silver


There is a catch, YOU HAVE to sing in front of at least three people who are awake in md. It can be other singers you sing in front of .... it can be me. Anybody as long as they are awake and listening. The only other exception is your or known alts, for example if Hiria, Assira, and I are gathered in one place they will not count as part of the three people who are awake...There would only be 1 witness.


All three people do not have to be gathered at the same place, you can sing to them separately.


Have fun!




By the way, I will be judging based on the song you write, music chosen to go with, and number of people that witness your song.


Post on the topic if you sung in md, the music that went with it, and the witnesses.

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Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVZxpoq166Q


Worming the path

to some prospects ahead

Giggling, upon remembering,

that they're fragments

of past slobber I recently spread


Merry observing eyes

with no focus ahead or back

googling left, up, right, down

Along the circular road

they hedonistically slack


In this fractaled circus view

I'm loosely spinning

Observations are indifferently joyous

Sudden realization of ventured location

is as beginning


Armed with demented smile

and untamed imagination

Existence of humble self

down the stream floats

A cell in cosmological body creation


Past, tomorrow, today,

interlapping dimensional steps

All the same

exposed and expressed in a different perceptive way

Player or played in amusement life park game



Witnesses; Day 300 Year 9:

Howling Gates; 16:30 ST:

Present: JadenDew, Neno Veliki, AmberRune

Awake (not idle): Etluc, Marvolo

Paper Cabin's Upper Room; 21:30 ST:

Present: Lania

Gazebo of Equilibrium; 22:30 ST:

Present: Haedrin

Awake (not idle): Curiose, EagleEye, darkraptor

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