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The Ring Has Been Stolen!


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Somebody has stolen DD's precious Ring! Gather at the Labyrinth entrance (MDA side) by 22 ST on Saturday the 1st to begin!


This will be a puzzle-quest in which you will have to interpret chat-clues in order to know where to go in the Labyrinth. Hence, spells such as locate, teleport spells, chase, earfocus (or other spells that reveal a player or what s/he's said) are not allowed.


Rewards are sponsored by Council. In addition, I'll be giving out silver depending on how well you figured out the puzzle (and didn't go just randomly :P)



Good luck, and hope to see you there!

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The quest has begun!


Here are the rules again, for anyone who forgets them, or for anyone who wasn't there in time. They may seem very restricting, but its just so that the quest is as fair as possible.


1) Nothing must be typed in chat. Chat must not be cleared.

2) No obfuscator allowed

3) No pickles allowed. Cake and tea is allowed.

4) Locate, chase, earfocus or any spells that reveal location are now allowed.

5) Teleport spells not allowed.


If I've forgotten anything specific, and it is dishonest and is a breach to the quest, please do not do it. Play honestly and fairly and have fun :)


To start, go right from the entrance of the Labyrinth. To end the quest, find Strongwilled Legna and PM both her and me with the coordinates of the scene she is at (or is supposed to be at :D), as well as the solution of the puzzle (what each thing in chat means). Good luck!



Edit: quest ends at 10:00 ST on the 2nd. 

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