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Getting rid of heads

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When someone has heads from the contest, they can be attacked when in a safe zone. This prevents people from keeping heads, though it is annoying sometimes. I usualll have like 1 head with me so while im healing at the sanctuary, i get attacked for one of my heads, so then i have to heal what i just healed. When you have a small amount of heads, maybe up to 50 or 100, you can either destroy or give to someone or something, so then you can heal peacefully in a safe zone.

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Rats, the minimum number of heads to have while being attacked is 8 when you're in a sanctuary. There ARE ways around this to stay online and still not be able to be attacked (although you can't get score either). But... you don't expect me to give away all my secrets, do you?

Alternatively, you could tell someone your D ritual, and just give them the heads. Preferably me... :)

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