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Testing patience?


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Storyline waiting...

I know you can click continue now and not have to wait the time to gain extra skills if you want your character to be weaker than they could be. I personally can not gimp myself like that. I don't think there is anything wrong with this system but i fear that the wait alone will bore and discourage many players. It's fun the first time through the story as it's fresh and intriguing but when you have to replay the same storyline when advancing another MP level it gets tedious. Even taking a different path it still feels the same. The free roam mode is great but I am talking about the pure storyline mode. The only thing players can do while waiting is look at their creatures/skills/adventure log/forums/MD shop, most of which won't change until you continue in the storyline.

I know it has been suggested to have side games to play or something to keep you busy while you are waiting for your next "choice". Even if there was a storyline waiting room that would be great, a way for the community to stay in touch and people wouldn't feel so isolated by the wait.

Just my feelings as I wait for the next page to turn... :)

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Even if we could chat with other people that are waiting in the same chaper then there would be some more interacting. I enjoyed reading through the adventure log but finished it pretty quick.

How about if you could duel your own creatures against eachother, with no skill or exp change. This could go along the same lines as creating rituals without actually fighting other players. It would give players a way to try out new strategies and keep busy without throwing off gameplay.

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Maybe a place like a room of people who are still in story mode there are no wins or losses or exp gain but you can fight to see who is doing better or let others know what they can do to improve

it is like a chat / attack room no sanctuarys just using your creatures to create rituals and find out what works and what doesnt

and you can talk with someone it helps not being alone

just my opinion as one character is still in story mode this is what i would want a place to test my creatures with out losing exp or losses or to many wins

a place to chill

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I know what you mean~ I think I spent over a week (not sure) on Magicduel reading the next part of the story for 5 minutes, then just randomly clicking and checking things. It felt deathly empty and isolated x_x;.

Having a chatroom wouldn't be bad, nor mock battles, but it kind of goes against the "reality" of the story, which is kind of why we can't freeroam anyway, right? I don't know anything else that would lessen the wait that wouldn't go against the story, though.

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  • Root Admin

yes...testing patience actualy ...

let me tell you the way i see these things from my poit of view ...

this is ..like someone accused me long time ago..a very exclusive game. While in papercabin there are all types of players , later on in the mp4/mp5 group there are very high quality players, intelligent people, that can be patient, and that will probably be arround for long time. The story , as you say, its both a way to test a players patience AND also make him actualy look on the other things in the game and not start asking too many questions allover. As you know, in storymode you can only look at the other things in the website, and that its realy helpfull, as there are many usefull things to read about the game there.

the time you stay in story you can pick for yourself, so its a personal conflict between playing or waiting for better stats :D

the problem actualy is in mp5 where players dont have anything to wait for and play continously, and the general reaction i am afraid of is saying something like "i spend to much time with this game, i wont login" ..and this happens a lot with many games.

In time its probable i will a more integrated way of reading other game info while in story mode but for now thats it

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I would like to add something

when you are at mp3 most of the wait times, well in fact all of the wait times until you get to free roam mode are in fact 15 minutes long at most

once you get a feel for the game you move on to mp4 then you get the choice of waiting 24 hours for the story to continue for better stats

this i feel is where you seperate the players of this game with the players of the fast paced low intrest games

and then you move on to mp5 where stats are important in which you learned at mp4 even 20 points is a big difference in a stat so you wait patiently

thus becoming the gamer who is patient i must say i waited though not as patiently as i wanted i still chose all of the 24 hour options in both mp4 and mp5

my character in the game and in real life is better for it

patience is a virtue and grasping that will help you out in real life aswell

age proves that in creatures

and time proves that with us all

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Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that someone whom MtG test says is "Red" is promoting "patience"? :D

On topic: I'd love to have something to do during story mode too, but I don't feel that it's necessary. I could act as if I was very busy with other things in life and just enjoying a little story by a few paragraphs each day. This 'test of patience' also has a nice side effect of filtering out impatient players which crowd most other games.

A random idea:

How about integrating a little puzzle or game into the story? It can take from a few minutes up to a day to solve. The reward might be a small addition to meditation bonus, or in some case a new unlocked story choice. The issue would be how to make the 'mini-game' interesting, challenging, and not repeating itself when players replay the story.

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A random idea:

How about integrating a little puzzle or game into the story? It can take from a few minutes up to a day to solve. The reward might be a small addition to meditation bonus, or in some case a new unlocked story choice. The issue would be how to make the 'mini-game' interesting, challenging, and not repeating itself when players replay the story.

I'll hope that responding to the random idea part won't completely derail the topic.

Naturally I like the idea - Sacosphilz knows I like puzzles - but I'd suggest a slightly different spin to it. You mention a small additional reward, which I assume you would receive only if you solved the puzzle. What about a large reward if you manage to solve it quickly? It could prove to be an interesting way to Balance the differences in wait time. Choosing the time interval could serve not just to demonstrate patience, but act as a bid towards how quickly you think you can solve the puzzle. Bid 1 hour and solve it, and get a bonus perhaps comparable to having waited 24 hours. Fail to solve it in that time and receive only the standard bonuses for 1 hour. It could be like "briskness for story mode". :D

If you bid 24 hours and solve it in 1 hour... there are at least a few options to choose from, and test what seems most balanced. I would think that basing the puzzle reward strictly on the bid might be best; getting two large bonuses might really throw things off. If two people bid 24 hours, one solves it in one hour and the other solves it in 23 hours, is it fair that they receive the same bonus? Maybe you get to advance the story after you complete the puzzle, or only have to wait half of the time remaining.

Feel free to move this post into the suggestions topic, but I wanted to give credit to Sacosphilz for "planting the seed" as it were.

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saco i must say that even the impatient and hot headed red guys here do value a good little bit of patience from time to time

but alas that usually goes into finding the best way to kill things as fast as possible and time it to see if i beat my record

ahhhhhhhhh .02 seconds off aggghhhhhh darn loreroot guard was taking forever lol

back on topic sorry got off course ahhh there i go again

I would agree that a puzzle would be good and having 4 puzzles would be good too mp3 mp4 mp5 mp6

that means a different puzzle for each mp level and even one extra for mp6 when it is released

i do think that it should be a reward but not making the time go faster the 24 hours also gives age to your creatures and some of us need it lol

i think that it is a great idea but maybe it gives a little loyalty or a little bit of extra meditation bonus say 10% for mp3 20 % for mp4 and so on till you get to mp5 with 30%

that gives a great boost to the already 90% med bonus and there is a downfall if you donot solve the puzzle but opt to do so you recieve a negative bonus

the same with the positive -10% mp3 and so on

it will make it a bit difficult and they have to be puzzles you cant find with google which means you need to think them up and i can help with that

and so can anyone but they will be exempt from doing the puzzles but maybe get like a helpers badge or just a thank you and good job for helping our great game evolve into a massive hit

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