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Inner Circle Magic


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I am just wondering as I have been looking through the forums that the fact of Inner circle magic has not actually been talked about (or perhaps its been a very long time since it has last been mentioned). I was just looking at my spells [I didn't remember the cast words I set since I don't use them nearly as often as I used to (because roleplay has dropped off)] and I still see the principle box and the inner circle magic greyed out. This was a feature thought about since conception though little work has been done on it.


Of course this is not all I am going to go into. If its already been implemented I apologize and this can be closed however if it has not I think a construction should be made in order to think about how this feature could be implemented but in true MD style before we construct it we should de-construct it.


The first thing we have to work out is what is outer circle magic and how is inner circle magic different. If outer circle magic is a memory transposed and manifested in the physical/spirit world then what is inner circle magic. It isn't a memory and it comes from something more ingrained them memory and is supposedly shaped from your principles.


So we actually have to go one more step back and ask what are principles. 


I'm interested to hear your theories and I have some of my own to offer but its 2:00am and my mind is not in the right place to construct complex thoughts so I will be coming back to this tommorow (or rather much later today) in order to offer my own incites and thoughts.


I think this might actually be a lengthy and interesting thought process during the deconstruction phase even if it doesn't actually get anything implemented.


P.S. Please only start with what are principles and try not to jump ahead. In order to keep peoples minds open and not swayed one direction or the other doing a complete deconstruction can simplify the process. The inner circle may not seem complex at first glance but there is allot more to it then you may think.

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What are Principles:


Principles to me are trained methods.  No different then any mage of old, they were classified under which art they studied the most.


  You had the healers who dealt a  lot with Earth.  They rooted and picked leaves, and used nature to define themselves.

You had the warlocks who dealt with dark arts.  Not necessarily evil, but practiced in incantations, summonings, and deity sacrifice

You had war mages who dealt with creating weapons.  Often some sort of fire, or explosive material.

You had the mages that were more like our farmers almanac.  They would study charts of stars, weather cycles, Sun position, and things like that to help with planting.


Back then before we called it science, they were the "principles" upon wich they built their role.  Often all makes were vital to the balance of a region.


Our principles in game are "supposed" to be the reflection on which we create our players.  Most of the time though players don't know enough at the beginning stages and then are stuck with whatever principles they have, not those that define their role.

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