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Rickroll Quest


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The goal is to rickroll as many other MD players as possible. The time limit is from now until March 1 at 00:00:01 ST. If somebody rickrolls you then you must post ITT and give them credit. Those who cheat will be punished by my stupid club.


Reward pool:

  • Joker from Rophs
  • Imperial Aramor from Rophs
  • Prot nomulti Stone from Eagle Eye
  • Silver Coin from Ackshan Bemunah
  • Silver Coin from Ackshan Bemunah
  • Silver Coin from Ackshan Bemunah
  • Chaoticboost Stone from Maebius

Feel free to sponsor this quest!


Rewards will be distributed in the following manner:

Player with most rickrolls picks, 2nd most picks, etc. If after everybody picks there's still prizes left over then it restarts with most, 2nd most, etc.



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I'm such a victim of this. This is not a rickroll link ---> link


I already got rickrolled by you twice (though one may have been before this thread).


And once by Miq.


So to keep it simple:


Rophs: 1


Miq: 1


Ivorak: 1


Ailith: 1


Chewett: 1


Witty: 1

Edited by Azrafar
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Suggestion to Rophs to make it easier: We can just edit our posts to add names rather than making new posts each time, like everyone else has already started doing^^ :)

There was never a rule against that, as long as the points are out there I'm happy :P

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