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Creature Sale Round 3


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Final round of creature sale.  All untokened creatures can be mass bid, but must have a minimum bid of 3 silver to be eligible for sale.

Angien  (1g 17s MS)   *TRANSFERRED*

ID: 504761

Age: 1997

Heat: 11,128,615

Tokens: Claw 1 2 &3, Onyx Fang, Stardust, Antifreeze, Blood Drop 1&2, Kelletha Fire, Dark Sky, Sunshine


Knator War Master  (2g 2sc MS)  *TRANSFERRED*

ID: 468510

Age: 2048

Heat: 7,185,946

Tokens: Onyx Fang, Dark Sky, Gold Belt, Sunshine, Stardust, Emeral Glare, Blood Drop 1&2, Black Tear


Boop   (10sc CM)  *transferred*

Water Being

ID: 550390

Age: 1929

Heat: 19,166,939

Tokens: Black Diamonds, Dark Shield, Blood Drop 1&2, Enlightning, Kelletha Fire, Onyx Fang, Stardust, Black Tear


Elemental   (7sc TRM)   *TRANSFERRED*

ID: 485650

Age: 2029

Heat: 11,786,203

Tokens: Antifreeze, Stardust, Claw 2, Blood Drop 1 2 &3, Black Diamond, Onyx Fang, Emeral Glare, Gold Belt, Kelletha Fire, Dark Shield


Toxicadendrite Seed

ID: 734011

Age: 1225

Heat: 433883


Master Loreroot Archer  (3sc Ary)  *TRANSFERRED*


Age: 1064

Heat: 65233




ID: 637233
Age: 1664

Heat: 221606




ID: 637227

Age: 1664

Heat: 232114


Majestic Winderwild   (3sc EE)  

ID: 657824

Age: 1581

Heat: 287361


Peety  (3sc DD)   *transferred*

Majestic Winderwild

ID: 637152

Age: 1664

Heat: 467942

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