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braindump - offtopic edition


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  • "hormone" is a homophone for "whore moan" (probably not related but it's funny :P)
  • in the old testament/torah some dudes build a tower to get to heaven but then god makes them speak in different tongues... the men around the tower of "Babyl" tried talking to one another and all they heard was nonsencial "babble"
  • "christmas" might have originally been "christ mass"
  • native american languages in north america usually have a consonant sound followed by a vowell sound in every syllable with a lone "n" at the end of some lyllables ie. "cherokee" "lenape" what other languages follows that pattern? many asian languages
  • there is theory that there was a land bridge from russia to alaska during an ice age... people migrate over and bring language? then the languages evolve separately?


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