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Three bugs


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First off, I apologize for combining several things in one post but that's due to the first item I'll mention.

1. This bug report page... when I click on 'New Topic' to post a bug, the page loads like this but is there just barely long enough for me to see and then all the boxes vanish leaving very little other than the grained background and green paper with faint box areas in slightly different colors.

I had to reload several times and finally hit escape at just the right moment to get the page to stay in place... not sure I can repeat the feat.

2. First in game bug... I think... I haven't spend a lot of time in the game for the past week or so because of having a pretty sick weekend in the house... but the last time I was in and paying attention (have been popping in just to advance the training/story each 24 hours) I had 3 wins and 12 losses. I remember because I noticed the 1/4 ratio. Now I'm only showing 3 wins and 3 losses. Do they disappear with time?

3. Not sure this is a bug but it would be nice if it wasn't like this. After I progress a step in the story (I've been doing the 'meditation' for 24 hours on each step for max results) it says I should get (made up numbers) 200 Vital Energy, 6 Action Points, 185 Value points, and 1 Exploring Points (or whatever). They do eventually seem to add to my totals but it takes a very long time to do so... typically many minutes... long enough that I never know if they added correctly or not. There is also a long delay (not as long) when healing my army between clicking the heal buttons and seeing their status start counting up and when I see my current Vital Energy start counting down. This makes it much more difficult if you are trying to balance out where you spend your energy if you know you aren't going to be able to heal everyone up right away.

Again, sorry for not splitting these up but I'm just not sure I can back to here again!


btw - how many chapters/pages are there in the training story?

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1. It seems like there are a lot who can't use the forum properly with this new skin. You can change it at the bottom of the page; there is a drop-down menu that should say Enlighten (Import).

2. They shouldn't disappear with time, but recently there was a balance and honor reset that came with a new fighting system that was implemented for mp4 and 5. It was announced in the newslog on under the heading [2008-06-07 14:57:24 - Alpha 6].

3. Above the Live Help button and below all of your stats, you should see a little circle with a bar making a trip around it. When the bar reaches 12 o'clock all the stats refresh and are updated. If you're too impatient, you can refresh the page or click and exit something that will make the interface reload, like your pms. Usually after I spam the health bar of a monster I reload the monster page so I don't have to wait. I assume this is to reduce the stress on the server.

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i use both firefox and IE, on differnet comps, one is mine, the other works, both cant use the new skin properly, i cant think why it might not work on some peoples comps and work on others

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the only reason i could see is that maybe you dont have the hardware needed to run it

my comp runs anything fast but i have put over 3k into this comp so i should think it wiill

i did have a laptop and it did have trouble with it till i ajusted the settings on my computer

that might work but dont do it unless you know how you might lose some things

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