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COmbat log bug, victorious losses


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this morning i fougth 3 time and wheb i check the log i was a bit surprised

so i won, it count as a victory, but i loss honor for loosing ?

BUG or i misunderstood something?

thanks or the answer

Edit: again, same problem but different situation:

I lose against a stronger player who lose honor but me too :P

I definetely don't understand... :(





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what happens if you get attacked by someone who would gain honor from you and lose you lose honor because you were supposed to win i think

yes you do gain honor and lose honor from attacking but you can also lose honor but not gain honor from defending

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i think you misunderstood my words, look at the screenshots, i won but was penalised for losing ; i can't do both at the same time.

althougth the fourth case, both player loss honor at the same time, how? why?

hoping you understand what i mean. (sorry if i don't express myself clearly, i'm a french user)

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no bugs that screen shots show you as the defender

all of them so they are not bugs you jsut have to look closer

it clearly says e you and e is defender in all 4 fights

so that is why you lost honor for losing those fights

and it shows you that he was victorious in the first 3 and on the fourth i am not sure why he didnt get a victorious

but sometimes it does show that they lose when they didnt meet the pre requisite for a victory

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I think when the new system was first implemented I got a few fight records that showed I lost when I actually won or vice versa.. I was a bit confused and wasn't certain if something was wrong or not.

I don't think that it's happened again for me, but this seems pretty similar. I would rewatch the fight and try to figure out whether my ritual won or not and compare it to the results page, and also check if I actually lose the honor. Regardless, I think this is a real bug and a pretty annoying one at that.

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