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Sasha Lilias, the festive alcoholic ghost!

Sasha Lilias

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As some of you will know the player behind Sasha Lilias enjoys a few glasses (bottles) of wine during the festive period!


For this quest you are to draw an avatar that falls into these criteria:


  • The avatar should be wearable (able to be made into an actual avatar for me to wear during festive periods).
  • It shouldn't be serious! The funnier the better!
  • The drawing must have some standard of art (enough so we can see what it is!)
  • It must be obvious that it is a ghost.

Let your imagination run wild! Remember that I shall be wearing this, so keep it clean and don't make it too crowded.


Please remember this should be funny!




Rewards will vary depending on the quality but will be rom the following:


  • Wishpoint
  • Shop Creature (Varying)
  • Credits
  • Coins


The player behind Sasha is known to become so overwhelmed on holiday cheer that sometimes rewards are ridiculously high...so who knows what the rewards may be.


Quest end date:


31st December 2014




Players should submit all drawings on this thread. Drawings will then be placed for public vote on 30th December 2014 - 31st December 00:00ST.



Good luck and make me laugh!


~Sasha Lilias, Ghost of Fortune




P.s. If you are unable to make avatars feel free to create your funniest pictures. Extra funny pictures will be given a smaller(or maybe not so small...) reward!


[spoiler]P.p.s. Humour I like: Sarcasm and insult![/spoiler]

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My attempt...
in BW:

and with a bit of color added..


Looks like she had a good time! Also as you were the only to enter...you  win by default! :)) 


If you could make sure the image is ready to wear (MD Symbol added and uploaded to your vault) and let me know when it's done I will organise a reward. :)



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