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Adept system

John Constantine

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I have encounter a problem. 


It is impossible to change who you are the adept of if you would like to choose no one*. In that case you get reply information:


Unable to find this playername.


Which leads to the point that you have to be an adept (if you have ever been even once an adept) of someone. 


The question is: what is the justification of this rule?

In my point of view this obligation is completely pointless, because it forces you to become an adept  even if you don't want to do that (now or in time, no matter). 



If there is an argumentation, please write it here (and after that  it would be nice to transfer this thread to Q&A part of Forum or delete it if it won't be valuable).

If there is none, I would like to change this option to not obligatory decision.


*it's not about you No One ofc

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I have read this discussions. And there is no answer for my question, only opinions. I just need a simple answer for a simple question.

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Answer is most likely that such things weren't considered while designing adept system. I'll speculate and say that when adept system was being made there were a lot of ideas and features for it as the page says (to quote "more adept features soon"), but all we have is that they sustain mp6 and make you heal your creats "faster" (which is extremely outdated benefit considering the big ve pools people have today, 1 click and creature is fully healed or even better, due to huge regen it heals by itself. But really you actually shouldn't even care if creature is fully healed or not except for some specific fights with target dying).


That's why it wasn't implemented, just like (as far as I'm informed) the button "abandon protector" wasn't there initially. I think that this needs to be added. It's common issue that people don't want to be adept of somebody or they have alt "issues" hence they would adept catchy "randomly" named accounts who actually never played, NPCs, Mur or maybe even Chew. That's their way of being the "rebel" in adept system.

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Look at it this way, if you taught something by someone you cannot unlearn it (no semantics please) You can get another teacher and learn new things but the fact remains at one point you were a student. In MD's case its being an adept and there is always more to learn.
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So it looks like this the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. 

The point is that if you want to learn something you need a teacher who know how to teach you, have a knowledge and you want this person as your mentor. But if there is no such teacher choosing first one from the list is pointless and I would even say - stupid. This quated argument is very poor argument. As Harry wisely noticed this is probably one of this features which were created and left behind.  

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ARY! (*kills John's spellchecker*)


Yes, the argument Grido quoted is weak. If you were student at one point you can remove it just like that to "become" student of anybody else, which means that new "teacher" isn't your teacher at all.


Next, there being always more to learn doesn't mean anything. One needs to be willing to learn more and also needs to be willing to be tutored more and needs to find somebody who can tutor him on the stuff he doesn't know yet but wants to learn from another person. If those 3 aren't fulfilled then past status of adept is irrelevant.


Finally, one can always be(come) self-taught person.


PS: One can also register without referral link, have many teachers inside the game, yet never adepting anyone. Which even further destroys the "point" of mentor-ship in adept system.

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  • Root Admin

hurts me to say..the adept system is so ancient i don't even remember how it works.


It might have inconsistencies or flaws in it... i can't possibly know that unless i will revise the entire code and logic to see what it is doing and how.....but i won't be doing that anytime soon, not before A25 change (that might affect adept thing severely due to factions and other wild stuff)

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  • Root Admin

The adept system is based upon the original referral system. And by "based on" I mean built directly on top of.

When it was added into the game, allowing you to change your adept, it probably wasnt considered that you might want to set your adept to none. Its quite feasible I will add this in. I dont see any real reasons not to.

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