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A wisp of reality within *Magic*Duel


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In regard of the latest madness around, I was wondering if we couldn't, by chance, make our characters a bit more productive in-game.

I read darkraptor's idea about tools becoming overused in time, then I read something about roles being earned, and I think that the latest post Mur made can go right on top of it. (never mind, it's not about useable items)

Consider that everything we have now is taken for granted. You have tools (axe, basket, bucket) which you can loan for a while in order to obtain resources which, in their majority, aren't being used for anything. And you have items which, again, you can take and use for a while, such as the Box of Rainbow Candy, or the booze in the East, which seems to magically refill all by itself. But let's turn that around a little.





Refined Resources

End result item


[log='Say I needed to make a barrel, for different purposes.']

- find and pay (coins, spells, heated creatures) / trade (other resources) with a woodcutter (requires axe) to obtain lumber and branches

- find and pay (coins, spells, heated creatures) / trade (other resources) with a carpenter (requires saw) to turn lumber into planks

- find and pay (coins, spells, heated creatures) / trade (other resources) with a cooper (requires hammers, nails, branches for the fire which will bend the planks) finish the process (also requires resin, to prevent spills) = barrel[/log]


[log='The bar is out of tequila!']

- as a bartender, you need to supply your customers with drinks

- find and pay (coins, spells, heated creatures) / trade (other resources) with a gatherer (requires basket) to obtain herbs

- find and pay (coins, spells, heated creatures) / trade (other resources) with a [insert role name] (someone who can distil) (requires distillery) to refine herbs into [plant] juice for the next step of brewing and compost which can be traded with the gatherer

- acquire a wooden vat from a cooper in which the [insert role name] (someone who can distil) can finish the process = tequila

- if you need a bottle in which to store your tequila, find and pay (coins, spells, heated creatures) / trade (other resources) with a glass maker (requires glass, sand)[/log]


Now, here's the catch - or a few...

- some tools can be found in capitals, while others don't yet exist

- make certain roles available, so that some tools can be created and used only by people who own said roles

- don't just hand out these tools

- make them obtainable through Wish Points and resources (some of which need to be implemented: ore - which requires a pickaxe to be gathered - which can be used to acquire steel, which can be used to make a hammer head, which can be combined with a handle and some resin to create a blacksmith's hammer because his previous one got worn out - some visible entropy!)

- to avoid having one overly able person, give these roles levels reachable through a finite number of points, which determine the success rate of using tools bound to the roles; this way, one won't be able to handle two roles without risking 50% failure in both

- hoarders might be extinct, because people interested in acquiring resources will want a fix number of them, so those able to gather resources won't have an interest in depleting - it'd be bad for business

- [come up with some more ideas :p]


And thus you have a sustainable cycle of resources and value giving everyone something to do other than running around to gather resources, fight and cast a few spells - as a personal observation, these things I mentioned don't happen very often any more.



Feedback is highly valued... sentimentally. :p Find the flaws in what I said, but please, also try to find a way to solve those flaws.

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