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MagicDuel Lottery!

Sasha Lilias

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Welcome to the MagicDuel lottery!




How to play!


- Buy entry of 1sc per "ticket".


- Then choose 6 numbers between 1 and 6


- Pay silver to *Sasha Lilias* and message her your numbers.


- Look out for the announcement of the numbers rolled each Sunday.


- Check to see if your numbers match...


- Collect your winnings!





Winning numbers!


Winning numbers must be in the the exact order they are produced.




*Sasha Lilias* throws 6 dice and gets 3,5,4, 2, 2, 3


Player A's numbers -  3,5,4,2,2,3 = Win!

Player B's numbers - 3,2,4,2,5,3 = Lose!


Players must get all 6 numbers correct and in order to win.







1 Winner: The lucky winner shall receive the full pot of silver! And a choice of one other reward from myself!


2 Winners: Split reward of the silver. 1st player to hand in winning ticket (message me) will get first choice of extra reward.


More than 2 winners: Equal shares of total pot.






Allow for one wrong number - 1sc


Player A's numbers -  3,5,4,2,2,6 = Win!

Player B's numbers - 3,2,4,2,5,3 = Lose!


Allow for two wrong numbers - 2sc


Player A's numbers -  3,5,4,2,1,6 = Win!

Player B's numbers - 3,2,4,2,5,3 = Lose!


Allow for three wrong numbers - 5sc


Player A's numbers -  3,5,4,5,1,2 = Win!

Player B's numbers - 3,2,4,2,5,3 = Lose!


Premium ticket! 


Get only two correct numbers in a row!


Player A's numbers -  3,5,2,6,6,1 = Win!

Player B's numbers - 3,2,4,2,5,3 = Lose!




Extras will apply for all bought tickets.




~ Sasha Lilias, Ghost of Fortune.



The Small Print


- Entries will not be accepted after 00:00ST Saturday evenings and will begin 00:00ST Sunday.


- Should more than one person win, the pot shall be split evenly between the winners.


- If the coins cannot be split evenly between players then the excess coins shall roll over to the next draw.


- Players can choose to keep previous tickets for free or pay to change them for the next draw.


- If no players win then all coins, tickets and extras shall roll over to the next draw. (You play until someone wins!)


- 5 tickets max per player. (Only 1 premium per player)


- Alts are allowed however:


~ Entry fee must be paid from the account the ticket is for.

~ Winnings may only go to the account holding the ticket.

~ Tickets will counted per player, not per account.


The odds of winning are as follows:


Basic tickets: 1 / 46,656

Basic + 1 extra:  1 / 7,776

Basic + 2 extras: 1 / 1,296

Basic +3: 1 / 1 / 396


Premium: 1 / 36



- Entering this means you accept that you are not  guaranteed to win and that this is a form of gambling.

Please remember to gamble responsibly.

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