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Assira the Black

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When using the @content, how can you string multiple @content.


For example:


if(uv('name')== 'Assira the Black'){
print @content[1];



I would want @content[0] and @content[1] show.


I have tried

print @content[0] + @content[1]


but it does not work and I have tried () around the two.


I am a noob at all this and probably missing a simple addition to the code.


Any suggestions?



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  • Root Admin

Yeah, instead of using + php uses . (full stop) to put things together (technical word is concatanate)


If you want to know stuff about MDScript, sometimes you can find it out by googling your problem, and instead of asking for mdscript help, ask for PHP help, since MDScript is primarily PHP.


e.g. google "How to add strings together php"

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