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Discount Sale! RP Items!

Sasha Lilias

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acorn, amber-ed rune, angien cufflinks, angry mask, apothecary box, awful pie, blue ink, brass monocle, cherry jam, colorful stone, crystal chimes, drachorn book ends, elf ears, exotic perfume, exquisite bookmark, flower pot, fool's cap, heretic archer pin badge, gum wrapper collection, knator essence, marble slab, messenger bag, mulled wine, petals, plumed hat, root warrior pin badge, smelling salts, toy fairy, wool gloves, white flower wreath.

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umm no.. you can ask chewett to check if its possible. my post was way before reggie :) The edit was to add another item in there but i didnt add or change anything in that edit :)


though i already got an angien card. reggie can have the bid on it if he wants :) I dont want to bid on it anymore :)

Edited by Nimrodel
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I know nobody bidded specifically on the angien card, so at first I thought it was a private offer, then I saw Nim's post and saw "bid on all red" that I obviously missed when I posted in the last row of an edited post, so I just assumed.

I'm in that period of activity days where I miss to see stuff, bare with me :P


Z is selling the same item for the same price btw, otherwise I would continue making higher bids, so unless Nim wants to back out of the deal for some reason different than me, please let Nim's bid stand.

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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