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Common Items for Sale


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item prices per below, or 5 items for 1 gold.


*italicised items are temporal.


Building - 3sc


Mud Brick

Granite Stone

Ball Bearing

Iron chain link

Wooden Door Knob

Glass Shard


Edible - 3sc


Bee antennae

Sweat Butter

Potential Raisin

Mummified Bat Wing

Pestulent Arachnid



General - 4sc



Bronze Lighter

Toasting Stick

Torn Lottery Ticket

Incense Burner

Lightbender Crystal

Toy Sheep

Shrunken Bed

Toy Box


Body Parts - 4sc


Wax Skull

Preserved Scalp



Writing - 4sc


Exquisite Book Mark


Wearable - 4sc


Root warrior pin badge

Blood stained veil

Pince naise shades



Cards - 5sc


Ace of red clubs

Queen of Black Diamonds

Scout Card

Queen of red clubs

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bauta venetian mask
angry mask

forest charm
magnifying glass

chess set

apothecary box

plush marmoset
voodoo doll

feather headress
engraved harmonica

broken compass
poker chip

single wax leaf
stone sculpture
toy box

dusty savelite cult icon
scarab beetle fossil

silk hand fan

peacock feather quill
ink bottle

Drachorn pin badge


bag of quartz rocks

elu card

26 items i think. 5g?

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