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I've seen something in the tips area (top of the game screen, next to the status), that some story choices can get you killed.

I'd really like to know what are the consequences of dying, since I'd hate to spend time and effort on a game just to have my account destroyed because of a story choice.

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You only "die " in the story mode. It's just a branch of the game. Your account won't be destroyed. The bad part is that the story finishes faster and you do not get so many stats as you do in choosing another branch. BUT you can choose 3 times (so far): in mp3, mp4 and again in mp5.

I guess only in mp5 will be relevant because of chapter 3 in which you will be assigned to a land (Marind, loreroot etc)

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lol.. :) I was killed once in story.

The only thing that happens is that the story ends. In the route I was killed in, it was like any other route except that it ended pretty quickly, relative to the beginning of the story. I even got a pretty big principle bonus that time, although if you consider how long the story could've gone on if I hadn't taken that route, it was just consolation.

If you're really saddened by the loss of whatever bonuses you could've gained if you didn't that that route, you can reset your account if you want. I didn't, because I felt like I had done too much work with this account and I would know to avoid it the next time. I'm sure there will be others, if there aren't a lot already, that also get killed and decide not to reset.

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