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Imperial Aramor Warrior double attack bonus special influence

I am Bored

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The Imperial Aramor Warrior (species 32, level 2) has the "attackbonus" special influence applied on itself twice.


I believe that either the second influence should be removed, or else they should be combined into an "attackbonus2". "attackbonus2" would increase attack damage by 125% (attackbonus is 50% and 1.5 * 1.5 = 2.25).

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Yes Imperial lvl2 and lvl3 have attackbonus aura twice.


As far as I know it works in such a way that it boosts attack stat of all creatures in combat by 50%.


However, only one boost is applied to all creatures. I failed to find a case where both auras from same imperial got applied at same time on same creature. Meaning one is (probably) redundant and does nothing.

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Assuming what Ary says is correct, then the correct solution would be to remove the second influence.




After some discussion with Chewett, it appears that both influences should be getting applied. This means that my original solution, proposing that they should be combined into an "attackbonus2" influence, is still valid.

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  • Root Admin

Assuming what Ary says is correct, then the correct solution would be to remove the second influence.

No, becuase that changes what the intention of the two creatureboosts were. The intention was to have two, it doesnt work, so thats a bug and should be resolved.
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So imps are boosting everyone?

For some reason I thought they were boosting only creatures up to level 3?


And I just checked, it seems winderwild attackboost is working as well, in some percentage if not exactly 50% as it says... All my MD life I thought they were bugged about that aura, was it fixed?

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Boosting auras boost all creatures in ritual, only exception is creatureboost aura.


Creatureboost aura boost specific CID creatures inside ritual by boosting ALL of their stats by X percent.


Other boost auras that boost specific type of stats boost that specific stat on all creatures inside ritual, regardless if it's flat or percentage type of boost.


Some of you may wonder why sometimes certain boost aura isn't applied, for example regenaura from trees. The reason for that is because X creature inside ritual doesn't have any regen to start with. If creature has certain stat at 0, boost won't work regardless if it's percentage or flat boost. (might be bug with flat boost?)


For instance, you have tree lvl1 in def set on 0% influence and no tokens. Regenaura won't get applied because tree has 0 regen. But if for example you have 1 regen on your profile stat and you apply 100% for that same ritual, then tree will have regen stat and aura will be applied.


Imps and bird have same attackbonus aura, so currently they boost everyone and second aura on higher level imps ain't working.


I don't know where people were getting this ideas that it boosts up to certain level (might be secondary shop description that's displayed only after thing is bought, which is bad practice for being informative, but since I never bought it in shop idk).


As Chew said it obviously ain't working how it's meant to work. But if you have both attackbonus aura working, that will be toooo overpowered if they both would be applied on same creature at same time, nobody wants to see 8-9 attackboosts on target all creature. (PS imps also have morale... another reason why this is terrible idea :p and then you also have sharpies....)

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